Wolfe's Hope (Breeds #10)

Chapter 4


Then his fingers were moving to her anus. Her eyes widened as one slid in slowly. She jerked against the ropes, shocked by his whisper of encouragement as he began to move the digit back and forth. Soon, another joined the first, until she felt the muscles behind stretched, fire searing her back entrance, lust rising to a crescendo that had her begging. And still he didn’t stop.

He moved from her then, walking to the small bedside table as she screamed out her frustration. He lifted a tube of lubricating jelly from the drawer, his eyes heavy lidded, sensuality marking his face as he watched her. When he returned to the bottom of the bed he loosened the ropes at her feet, but the adjustment only allowed for a certain measure of movement. Then he returned to kneel between her thighs.

His fingers returned to her anus, now liberally coated with the gel. He eased her for long minutes, stretching her, preparing her, making her crazy. Then he lifted her legs until they bent over his arms as he positioned his cock.

“Did they take you here, Hope?” he whispered as the head of his cock lodged at the entrance to her ass.

He slid in before she could answer. A slow, measured thrust that had her arching to him, the bite of fire, the lance of pleasure/pain making her tighten against his erection as he slid to the hilt inside her.

She was stretched. Full. She gasped for breath, adjusting to his thick cock, fighting the licking flames of searing lust that rose to engulf her body.

“So tight,” he growled, thrusting lightly. “So sweet and hot and tight, Hope.”

She bucked in his arms, her head twisting against the sheets as her body tightened, pleading for more. Then his fingers were parting her cunt, sliding deep inside her, thrusting in counterpoint of his cock as he began fucking her anus.

He slid nearly free, slowly, his movements smooth and all the more arousing for it. She clenched at the retreat. The thick head nearly came free of her ass, causing her to gasp in protest. She cried and pleaded as he pushed in deep, his fingers fucking her pussy, his thumb rasping her clit.

She was close. So close. She breathed in roughly, feeling the waves building, higher, higher—

“Ah, not yet, love.” His cock slid from her quickly as he moved away from the bed.

Shock held her frozen for long, agonizing minutes.

“You bastard!” she screamed out in frustration as he disappeared into the bathroom. “You perverted, rotten son of a bitch.”

She would kill him, she raged. When she got free she would claw his eyes out, cut his dick off. No, on second thought she would tie him down and torture him just as he had tortured her.

“Such language,” he called out as she heard water running, then shutting off. “I’ll have to be certain to punish you for this as well.”

He was grinning when he returned to her, his gray eyes lit with sexual mischief.

“Come, Hope, tell me what I want to know and you can climax. That’s all you have to do. Just give me the answers I seek.” He spread his hands mockingly before him in invitation.

“You bastard, I’ll kick your ass when I get loose.” She kicked at him now, but the ropes didn’t allow enough room to actually touch him.

He chuckled. He lifted her legs once again, then, with his eyes locked to hers, he pushed the hot, rigid length of his cock into her weeping pussy. Hope bucked against the agonizingly slow entrance. He stretched her almost painfully, sinking his full length into her, searing her with a desire so desperate she was afraid it would destroy her.

“Please,” she whimpered.

“Tell me,” he demanded. “Give me what I want from you, Hope.”

He pulled free of her as she screamed out a denial, then sank in with a hard, sure thrust that had her cunt gripping him hard, tightening around him, on the edge of a release so explosive she feared for her sanity. Only to pull back again, his cock slipping from her grasping, aching vagina as he lowered himself on the bed.

He stretched out between her thighs again, burying his mouth immediately in her pussy. The stunning pleasure of his tongue lapping at her, thrusting inside her, licking the sensitive walls of her cunt had her screaming out in an agony of desire. His tongue plunged inside her, licking greedily until the tremors began once again. He would move away from her then, question her again. When she had no answers he went to her breasts, sucking them, nipping at them, drawing on the sensitive nipples until she was screaming any answer she could think of. And still it wasn’t what he wanted.

“Wolfe. God, I swear, Wolfe,” she screamed out what seemed hours later.

Perspiration soaked her hair, trickled over her neck, between her breasts. Her throat was hoarse, tears soaked her cheeks and sobs trembled through her body. She was one huge impending orgasm. The need was desperate, her stomach cramping so badly he would have to stop, ease her through the pain, only to begin again. And again. She was mindless, unable to make sense of her surroundings, time or anything else but the desperation to climax.

“Damn you, Hope.” He rose up from her body, his muscles gleaming with sweat, his expression twisted into lines of arousal. “Just tell me who fucked you. Just give me their names. That’s all I ask. Just that.”

She threw her head back, crying out, wailing at her inability to give him what he wanted. She had already given him names, every male name she could think of, and she still hadn’t given him what he wanted.

“I swear,” she screamed out desperately. “I swear, Wolfe. I swear. There was no one.”

Her stomach cramped again, drawing a ragged cry of pain from her throat as he moved quickly to rub the clenched muscle with a broad hand. She breathed harshly through the charley horse-like pain. She couldn’t curl her body into a better position to fight the pain, she couldn’t move any more than the ropes had allowed hours before.

“Hope.” He smoothed her damp hair back from her forehead, his expression indescribably gentle. “Just one name. I swear I won’t hurt him. Just tell me who.”


Wolfe knew he couldn’t hold out much longer himself. He hadn’t climaxed yet, despite his earlier vow to her that he would. He suffered with her; he ached so desperately it was torture. His cock was a burning brand of need. He didn’t dare push it into her mouth again, nor did he dare to fuck her tight little ass as he had earlier. He was on the edge, and he was terrified of hurting her.

He couldn’t go any further. He lowered his forehead to hers, watching the tears that ran across her cheeks, wanting to cry with her. He hadn’t wanted to do this to her. Not like this. But her defiance only fueled his determination to make her submit.

“Enough,” he whispered, his thumb wiping away the tears, only to have more take their place.

What had happened to him? Why had he pushed her so far, tortured her in such a way with her own body? As he watched her he knew; knew to the bottom of his soul that somehow, Hope too had been betrayed. Not just by the Bitch, but now by him.

The frenzy of lust, pain and feelings of betrayal had turned him into more than an animal; he had become no better than the mother who had robbed her of her childhood, and gave her as mate to a man who was as much animal as he was human.

The ‘mating frenzy’ was no easy thing to control, even without the intense possessiveness those pictures had inspired. It had nearly destroyed him at the Labs, clawing at his gut, demanding he take her, make her his, despite her youth, her innocence.

Adding to it, the soul-destroying evidence of those pictures showing that she had allowed another to touch her had awakened a demon inside him that he never knew existed.

“I love you,” she whispered, her voice hoarse as she sobbed weakly. “I’ve always loved you, Wolfe. Always. I would not betray you. Please. Please fuck me.”

He sighed roughly. He had the proof she would do exactly that, and yet, he could do nothing but believe her.

“If I fuck you now, Hope, I will be but an animal taking you.” He couldn’t do that to her. Couldn’t take the chance that he would hurt her. “I don’t want that. Let me leave you long enough to find my control. To be certain I will not hurt you.”

Mockery twisted her exhausted expression.

“What difference does it make,” she whispered, too tired to beg anymore. “Do whatever you want.”

Wolfe dragged his body painfully away from her. There wasn’t a chance in hell he could tolerate jeans. He jerked a pair of sweat pants from the recessed closet instead and pulled them on. His cock was a monster, straining against the material, howling for release.

Wearily, he released the ropes that bound her, then watched as she curled into a tight ball. Her back was to him then, her buttocks gleaming gently, the slick, hot entrance to her body open and clearly accessible. He clenched his teeth in agony as he jerked his shirt from the floor and tossed it to her.

“Put this on. We must talk, Hope.”

“About what?” She cried out, turning to stare up at him in fury. “Let’s talk about six years of hell. Of fucking grief and pain only to learn it was for nothing. Nothing, Wolfe.”

He flinched at her words, but drew in a thankful breath when she rose from the bed, her body shaking from both her lust and her anger.

“Can I take a shower or do I need permission?” She ignored the shirt, standing before him, gloriously naked, furiously aroused.

“Shower,” he sighed. “I will await you in the other room. We will talk then.”

Or they would have. She paled dangerously, clutching her stomach and sinking back to the bed.

“Hope.” He rushed to her, his hand going to her abdomen, feeling the tight bunch of muscles there that he knew would be agonizing. She panted through the pain, clutching at him, staring up at him pleadingly.

“Oh, God. Please. I’m begging you,” she gasped. “It hurts, Wolfe. The arousal hurts so bad I can’t bear it.”

She dragged his hand to her weeping pussy, crying out, her body arching as he pushed two fingers roughly inside her. The contraction eased, her cunt tightened.

He couldn’t wait a fucking hour, but more important, neither could she. He pulled away from her long enough to remove the sweat pants, then unable to control himself, he pushed her to the bed, turning her quickly to her stomach, pulling her hips up to meet his cock as he mounted her.

“No,” she cried out, clawing at the sheet as he pushed her legs apart. “Please, you promised, Wolfe. You promised, no more teasing.”

“No more teasing,” he growled. “No more, baby. Here I am.”

He plunged home with one quick, hard stroke.


Hope felt the swift invasion, the parting of flesh that had never known such a thick intrusion, the instinctive tightening of her muscles on the broad, hot cock that plunged inside her. She lost her breath; she lost any control of her body. She tilted her hips to take more, fighting for breath as he began to thrust inside her with smooth, pistoning strokes.

His erection was like a fiery brand. He fucked her with strong movements of his hips, holding hers with hard hands as he thrust inside her. The pressure, already built to unimagined heights, began to tighten further. She was so close, so close. She was terrified to attempt to give into it. If he pulled away now, she wouldn’t survive it.

Her cunt was one long tremor after another, the muscles convulsing, preparing for the orgasm rising to rip her apart.

“It will happen this time, baby,” he swore as she tightened in preparation for him to pull back from her. “No more teasing, Hope. Cum for me baby. Let it go, because I’m going to cum for you.” He thrust harder, deeper. “I’m going to fill your pussy with my seed, Hope. Cum for me, now.”

She had to trust him. Her body couldn’t stand it again. If he pulled away, she knew her heart would shatter. She felt her muscles begin to tighten, her pussy to throb, convulse. Her body began to tremble in reaction as her orgasm neared. It would kill her, but she would willingly die for it.

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