Wolfe's Hope (Breeds #10)

Chapter 3


His voice was rough and angry, but his touch was gentle, arousing. She felt her juices flow over his fingers, her cunt contracting painfully with the need for release.

“There have been no other men,” she said, fighting to breathe through the intense sensations whipping through her body. “I swear it, Wolfe.”

His fingers parted the folds of her cunt, then she felt a wailing cry shatter her body as the two fingers slid deep and easily into her vagina. They stretched her, filled her, making her hungry cunt clasp them desperately. But there was no obstruction.


“Where is your virginity, Hope?” He was lodged deep inside her now, and he had met no resistance. “I will not punish you for the betrayal of your body. I know the games that bitch mother of yours plays. But if you do not tell me how she plans to strike against the Pack, then I will punish you, and I will not stop until you give me what I want.” He pulled back, then thrust inside her firmly once again.

Hope lost her breath. It was such near bliss. Pleasure arced over her body, through it; lightning heated her skin as she strained toward the building pressure centered at his tormenting fingers.

“I swear to you, Wolfe. I swear, she hasn’t told me anything,” Hope panted, her head twisting on the pillows, her hips fighting to drive his fingers inside her again.

“How can I believe you, beloved?” he questioned her gently. “You will not even admit to the loss of your virginity. Lies spill from your lips like honeyed caresses on a heated night.”

A tear spilled from her eye. She stared resolutely at the ceiling above her, fighting her pleas, but she couldn’t still her body as easily. Her hips jerked as his fingers thrust slowly inside her cunt once again. The biting pleasure/pain from the smooth thrust was like fiery fingers of near ecstasy. Damn him, he knew what he was doing; she could hear it in his controlled breathing, feel it in the tormenting thrusts inside her.

“I’m not your beloved.” She shook her head, fighting not to beg. “I’m nothing to you.”

Silence greeted her words. His fingers stilled inside her, then slid free.

“Why would you say such a thing?” he asked her harshly, angrily.

Hope glanced at him in surprise. He was frowning down at her, his expression dark, confused at her feelings, as though his actions spoke differently. As though he were loving her rather than punishing her. Not that her body knew the difference right at that moment.

“How could I believe otherwise,” she whispered. “I’m supposedly your mate, but when those fires swept through the compound, you didn’t come for me. Afterward, you never gave me so much as a sign that you lived. I was nothing to you, Wolfe, until you thought I had something you needed. Until you couldn’t stay away from me any longer.”

And that hurt most of all. She had spent six years in pain, physical as well as emotional. Her nightmares were those of the months she was with him at the lab. Seeing him beaten, seeing her mother take pleasure in marring his body, ridiculing the honor that was such a part of him. It had infuriated the doctor that he refused to rape the women brought to him for breeding. That he would not perform for her sadistic pleasures. But what enraged her mother more thoroughly was the fact that she couldn’t break him, no matter how hard she tried.

“Why?” she asked him desperately. “Why didn’t you come for me, Wolfe?”

He didn’t speak; rather he trailed his moist fingers from her cunt, along her abdomen, then ringed her hardened nipples with the juices from her body. Hope felt her face flush as he watched her. Her nipples were throbbing for attention now. Her clit felt swollen, desperate; she could barely breath she was so aroused.

“You are all that truly matters to me,” he whispered regretfully, his gaze meeting hers hesitantly. “Since you were seventeen years old, staring up at me with big, innocent blue eyes, you have been my world.”

Her throat tightened in pain. He sounded so sincere, so deeply honest that she wanted nothing more than to believe in him. And she knew suddenly that it was how he felt as well. He wanted to believe, but the lies her mother had set in motion made that impossible.

“Then why didn’t you come for me?” she asked, then cried out in such sensual arousal she felt faint as he brought his fingers to his mouth, tasting her juices with a growl of hungry need.

“Your taste makes me hungry for more, sweet Hope,” he told her, his voice dark, throbbing with sexual intensity.

“Wolfe, I’ll beg you, if that’s what you want,” she whimpered. “Please don’t do this to me. Fuck me and get it over with, or don’t touch me. Please. I swear to you, you’re making a mistake.”

He gripped a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Hope couldn’t contain the cry of pleasure that swelled in her chest. She arched, shaking, needing to at least tighten her thighs to relieve the pressure in her cunt, but unable to do even that much.

“All I want is the truth, Hope. Tell me what she plans.” He rolled her nipple between his fingers, his grip a firm little pinch that made her desperate for more. How could she bear it? He would kill her with his touch.

“I don’t know.” She tossed her head in desperation.

“Tell me then what you do know,” he whispered. “Tell me the names of the men who have fucked you. Tell me, Hope, so I can find some trust in you, somewhere.”

She whimpered in agony.

“How can I give you what doesn’t exist,” she cried out as she felt his fingers tug her hard nipple. “Wolfe, please—”

He moved closer to her then, kneeling at her breasts, moving the silk enclosed steel of his cock over her hot nipples. Hope groaned, arching into the caress. She was desperate, needing him, willing to go to any lengths to have him. She couldn’t bear the arousal, so hot and deep, clenching at her cunt, making her womb spasm in need.

He moved back from her, a smile tilting his lips.

“Can you handle hours of my touch with no release, Hope?” he asked her. “I will not deny myself. I will cum, but you will not. I’ll play with your pretty pussy, suck at your sweet breasts, kiss you until you are dying for the release that only I can bring you. But if you do not give me what I need, then I will be damned if I give you any measure of satisfaction.”

“No,” Hope wailed out, shaking her head, knowing she couldn’t bear it. “I don’t know, Wolfe. Don’t make me lie to you, please. If you do this to me, I’ll lie to you. I’ll tell you anything you want to hear to make you fuck me.”

“But, sweetest, I already know the truth.” He bent to her, his lips outlining hers as she stared up at him in surprise.

Then her eyes closed on a ragged groan as his tongue swept into her mouth. His kiss was just as dark, just as erotic as it had been six years before. His tongue caressed hers, licking at her until she stilled it by suckling at it lightly. His moan was deep, a near growl as she drew on it. She could taste the dark spice that was uniquely his; feel her blood sing with pleasure, her heart rate increase with anticipation.

His head tilted as the kiss took on a desperate quality. He licked at her lips, nipped at them, drew her tongue into his mouth and sucked at it as he groaned torturously. Hope arched to him, her head lifting, desperate to draw him closer to her, to allow the pleasure of his kiss, his life to sink into her soul, to convince her he was here. At last she was with him. He was furious, outraged and filled with betrayed possessiveness. But he was alive, and her heart sang with the joyous knowledge.

Then he was pulling away from her, his breathing as harsh as hers, his chest rising and falling laboriously. Hope fought to understand what he was doing. Fought to make sense of why he was doing it as her body throbbed, heated and ached like a virus gone mad.

“Why are you doing this?” If he knew the answers he wanted, then why torment her in such a way?

“You betrayed me when you allowed another man entrance into what was mine,” he snarled down at her. “Mine, Hope.”

She licked the moisture of his kiss from her lips, nearly groaning at the erotic male essence she could literally taste.

“I didn’t. But even if I had, Wolfe, you let me believe you were dead.” Her breath hitched in her throat as he rose above her, his cock coming nearer to her parted lips. “You have no right to this anger, because I had no idea you were alive.”

She had never tasted his erection. Had never tasted any man’s. Suddenly she wanted him in her mouth, wanted to suck his cock as she had his tongue, draw on him until he couldn’t help but find his release in her mouth.

He moved closer, the thick head rubbing over her lips. Hope groaned, opening her mouth for him, feeling him push into the heated depths of her mouth with a slow, measured thrust. She closed her lips on him, hearing the cry that ripped from his chest. His cock throbbed against her tongue as she laved it, her mouth suckling at it firmly.

He allowed her the freedom to suck at him, to draw the pre-cum from the small slit in his cock before he pulled back from her a second before ejaculation.

“So shy as you suck me,” he whispered. “You make it hard to believe you have never had another.”

“There has been no one else,” she cried out. “No one, Wolfe. And you could not object if there had been. Where the hell were you?”

He shook his head, his black hair flowing over his bare shoulders.

“You knew I lived. She would have told you I lived,” he bit out. “You would have known I was coming for you when I could safely do so. Yet you conspired to deceive me.”

He moved back and his lips went to her breast as though he could deny himself no longer, his tongue stroking over her hard nipple enticingly. He groaned roughly, his hand framing the swollen mound.

“Please,” she whimpered, arching against him. She needed him to take her deep in his mouth. To suck her nipples with hard, hot draws of his lips.

He drew the small, hard tip into his mouth and began to suck it as she needed. Her groan was torn from her chest. It was so good. She could feel the pleasure traveling in a heated path to her stomach, her cunt. Both clenched in violent reaction to the hot lash of his tongue. Her vagina heated further. She could feel her juices spilling from it, coating the plump lips and soft folds that quivered for attention.

“When you are ready to tell me, Hope, then do so. Until then, I will play with your body to my heart’s content. And trust me, I will find my release, without allowing you to attain your own.”


He moved over her body then, his lips going to her other breast, attending to it as he had the first. Hope shuddered, her body convulsed in desperate pleasure. She bucked against him; the fiery sensations assaulting her were more than she could bear. Dear God, she could never handle half an hour of this, let alone the time it would take to convince him she was telling the truth.

She whimpered as his lips traveled down her abdomen, his body settling between her spread thighs. She was open to him, her legs stretched out nearly as far as they would go, leaving her cunt vulnerable to his touch.

He licked her first. She lost her breath when his tongue swiped through the generous proof of her arousal. The syrupy juices coated her cunt, matting the tight curls and spilling down to her anus. And he was making a meal of it. He lapped at her pussy; his tongue spreading heated ecstasy as he traveled through the cream-laden slit, sucked at her swollen clit, then plunged his tongue into her vagina.

Hope screamed. Her hips came as far off the bed as the ropes would allow; desperate, shattered pleas erupted from her throat as her cunt convulsed. But he wouldn’t allow the full climax. His tongue retreated as he uttered a tense chuckle, then moved to her clit. He licked it lightly, stroked it, sucked it into his mouth as she begged brokenly. Small, lightning-tinged explosions rocked her body, but gave her only a small relief.

She needed to cum. She needed a mind-numbing, screaming, sanity-destroying orgasm before she disintegrated in flames. His tongue was burning her alive; the way he lapped at the juices that ran from her pussy, humming his enjoyment into her clit, stabbing his tongue deep inside her vagina.

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