Wolfe's Hope (Breeds #10)

Chapter 2


She watched in shock though, as complete fury filled the thundercloud color of his eyes.

“And you, my sweet sacrifice, are no better than the bitch that bore you,” he sneered. “Do you think I wanted to be re-captured, forced to breed and see my children raised as I was? Did you honestly believe the plan the two of you hatched would come to fruition?”

Hope stared up at him in confusion. How could he believe she would plan anything with her mother when she hadn’t even known he was alive?

“What plan?” she bit out. “I made no plan with her.”

His lips twisted in a sneer as he entered the room, closing the door behind him. God, she was burning alive for him. She could barely think for the need to touch him, to be touched by him, now that he was close to her. His very presence caused sharp pangs of lust to ripple through her pussy.

“You won’t lie to me for long, Hope,” he told her softly, his gray eyes going over her body as they darkened with lust. “I promise, before this night ends you’ll beg to tell me the truth.”

The sensual promise in his voice made her breath catch. His hands went to his belt, releasing the catch with slow, measured movements. Her eyes widened as he began to pull it from the loops. She began to wonder if he had something in mind for her rather than the fucking she needed so desperately.

“You wouldn’t dare beat me,” she finally gasped.

He dropped the belt to the floor, smiling in amusement as his fingers then went to the buttons on his shirt. Hope trembled. She could feel her cunt heating further, the muscles of her vagina clenching in preparation. Her heart sped up, beating a harsh, driving pulse against her breast.

“I may spank you, but I promise not to beat you,” he said, his rough voice silky, brooding. “But you can halt any punishment at all, Hope, by telling me the truth. Tell me how she knew of the mating frenzy, and how she knew you would be the one I would choose as my mate. Tell me why you allowed another man to touch you, allowed her to taunt me with the proof of it.”

“Are you crazy?” she practically yelled at him. “How the hell am I supposed to let another man touch me when all I do is puke if they try?”

That infuriated her more than anything else. The few times she had tried to date, tried to get over him, it had turned into a disaster within an hour.

“So innocent and outraged.” His smile sent a shiver up her spine, but did little to alleviate the need in her cunt. “One last chance, tell me how that bitch mother of yours knew we had not perished in that fire?”

Her need for him was making her crazy. If he didn’t fuck her soon, she would be a screaming idiot. She had waited long enough—six torturous years dreaming of him, aching for him.

Hope blinked up at him. He was shrugging out of the shirt, his broad, muscular chest gleaming in the dim light of the bedroom. His muscles rippled, tightened. His face was tense as his fingers fell to the snap of his jeans.

“I don’t know,” she whispered.

She couldn’t take her eyes off his movements. He would shed his jeans next, revealing the extent of his arousal. She remembered well how thick and long it was, a temptation, even to the teenager she had been so long ago.

The scientists had kept them naked. She remembered watching Wolfe move about the compound, unashamed of his nakedness, even during arousal. So tall and broad, he moved with an innate grace that had drawn her attention time and again.

His hands hooked into the waist of the material as he kicked his feet free of whatever shoes he was wearing. Within seconds, he was gloriously naked. His cock rose to his abdomen, tight, hard, thick and engorged. The bulbous head was purplish, flaring just a bit thicker than the shaft, and throbbing with arousal.

“Oh, God,” she whispered breathlessly.

He moved to the bed, kneeling beside her, staring down at her with a cold, hard expression. He meant to be a bastard, she knew, but she could see the heat licking in the dark shadows of his eyes. He wasn’t unaffected, and the engorged cock wasn’t his only reaction to her. She was his mate, and whatever he did, she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. At least, not physically.


For a moment, his expression softened.

“Do you know how long I have waited to touch you as I want to?” he growled, his voice harsh as his hands went to her shirt to finish unbuttoning it. “Do you have any idea how hard it was to maintain my control before, and not take the innocence of the child you were?”

Hope felt herself trembling, her flesh sensitizing as she felt the heat of his hands, the hard promise of his body.

“I offered,” she whispered. No, she hadn’t, she had begged. She had cried and pleaded with him to take her after he left that mark on her upper shoulder.

“And so you did,” he agreed, his voice lethal, his eyes swirling with anger as he stared down at her. “I wanted only to protect you, Hope. How did you repay the sacrifice I made to ensure that protection?”

His hand circled her neck. He applied no pressure, but she knew he wanted her to know that the threat was there. All she could feel was the fire of longing, though. It zipped through her veins, bubbled in her cunt.

“What did I do?” She shook her head, seeing rage in his eyes, rage and lust and a spark of pain. “I didn’t do anything, Wolfe.”

She couldn’t understand the rage she glimpsed in him as she denied betraying him. How could she betray him? Even her soul knew she belonged to Wolfe.

“You betrayed me with another man,” he snarled. “Don’t bother to lie to me, woman. You have lain beneath others. Took them into your body and let them fuck you rather than waiting for me to come to you.”

Hope felt the blood drain from her face.

“That’s not true,” she gasped, horrified. How could he believe such a thing? “I swear it’s not, Wolfe. I’ve never been with another man.”

He shook his head with a sharp negative movement. His lips twisted with bitterness, with bleak fury.

“You would think I could still smell the betrayal on your body, the scent of another’s seed. I am so captivated by your beauty, by my own need, I can’t even smell the traitorous scent.” He seemed angrier with himself now, as though his senses refused to see what was there, merely because he did not want to believe it.

“Because there is none,” she bit out, furious. “What do you have to do, rape me to figure it out? Damn you, I’m still a virgin. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.”

She knew well his possessive instincts. After his refusal to take her, her mother had taunted him outside the cell. Two of the Lab’s soldiers had held her, fondling her as Wolfe was forced to watch.

Wolfe had sat in the cell; cold, hard, the shifting colors in his eyes dangerously alive. Her mother had finally relented and had Hope released. After Hope was thrown back in the cell with him once again, she stalked away from them.

Wolfe had held her, comforted her, but still refused to take her. The next time he was released from the cell, the two soldiers who touched her had died.

“You are no longer a virgin, Hope,” he finally said heavily, his expression filled with disgust. “How do you even hope to convince me of such a lie?”

His gray eyes glittered with anger. He stared down at her as though she had just informed him that he had mistaken her for someone else. She shook her head, anger building inside her.

“How can you say that? Do you think that just because you forgot so easily about me, that I could do the same thing? Too bad I couldn’t mark you as well. Maybe then you wouldn’t have forgotten so easily.”

“And you think you did not?” He growled. “I have the proof of your betrayal, Hope. The pictures the Bitch sent me of you trapped between their bodies, your face twisted with pleasure.”

The possessive rage was thick, dangerous. His body was tight with it, his eyes glowing in fury.

“Pictures can be faked,” she threw back at him furiously. “I am still a virgin, the proof is there—”

“And do you think I did not check that first thing?” he asked her coldly. “Do you think I am such a fool I would not know if the obstruction was there or not? I have checked, Hope, and there is none. You can stop lying this moment.”

Hope stilled. She stared up at him, uncomprehending. His rage was a tangible thing, and yet so was his pain.

“What do you mean?” she whispered in confusion. “It’s there.”

He shook his head, a snarl of fury on his lips, though his voice stayed level this time.

“Why do you think your pants are open? Why do you think the demand of your body is so much worse than before? I checked. I slid my finger easily inside you, Hope, deep inside. Your sweet pussy gripped me tighter than a glove, but there was no obstruction. You are no virgin. Did you not think I would check to be certain? Do you think I would not give my mate the benefit of a doubt where that bitch’s claims are concerned? I beg you to cease your lies. Tell me what I want to know, now.”

And Wolfe wouldn’t lie. Of course, he would have checked first. He never made claims he wasn’t certain of. He was coldly logical, always in control of himself and his facts. It had been one of the things that drove her mother insane at the Labs. How easily he could show her for the vicious, incompetent monster she was. She had lost nearly all support for her control of the Labs within the Genetic Council that backed it, before the raid had taken it apart.

“You made a mistake.” There was no other explanation, though she feared there was.

She felt tears gather behind her eyes. She wouldn’t shed them, not now where he could see and would ridicule them. Pain bloomed in her heart, in her soul. She knew as sure as she lived that if what Wolfe said was true, then her mother had somehow arranged the hymen to be broken during her last visit to the doctor. She remembered being more tender than usual, more uncomfortable during the physical exam than she normally was.

Her scream of denial was a silent one. She stilled, fighting to breathe, to get through the pain one second at a time. That was all she could do.

“There is no mistake.” He punctuated his words by ripping the shirt from her arms then tossing the tattered remains to the floor.

After the first flinch, Hope merely lay still, staring up at him. He was so coldly furious, enraged at what he saw as her deception. It wouldn’t matter if she had found a way to be with another man, she wouldn’t have done so. Wolfe held her heart and soul.

Her breath hitched in her throat as he stared down at her now. She wanted so desperately to allow her tears to fall, but she couldn’t. Not yet. Not now. Later, when he no longer watched her, when she could no longer see the cold detachment in his eyes.

“Did you bring me more clothes?” She kept her voice even, cool. She couldn’t lose control now. She wouldn’t.

He narrowed his eyes on her.

“You will need no clothes until you tell me the plans the Bitch has made for me and my Pack and how damaging the information is that she has on our whereabouts,” he told her, his voice hateful, cold and hard.

Hope swallowed past the knot of betrayal in her throat.

“I don’t know any of her plans,” she whispered. “I didn’t even know you were alive until you kidnapped me. She hasn’t spoken your name in all these years until she called this morning and asked if I had seen you.”

“Wrong answer.” He lifted a knife from the bedside table and cut her bra away. “Try again.”

Hope was silent. She stared up at the ceiling, fighting to breathe through her pain as he cut her jeans and panties from her body next. She had no clothes now, no pride.

She prayed for detachment, but when his hand cupped her between her legs, two fingers burying into her damp slit, she was unable to stop her needy cry or the arch of her body.

“Your pussy is so wet, so slick for me,” he growled. “Tell me, sweet Hope, did you get this wet for the men who have fucked you since I marked you as my own?”

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