The Last Thing He Told Me



I started working on this book in 2012. There were many times I put it aside, but
I couldn’t seem to let it go. I am so grateful to Suzanne Gluck, whose astute
guidance on each iteration helped me to 􀏯nd the story that I was hoping to tell.
Marysue Rucci, your thoughtful edits and sage comments have elevated this
novel in every way. Thank you for being the best partner a writer could hope for,
my dream editor, and a dear friend.
My gratitude to the amazing team at Simon & Schuster: Dana Canedy,
Jonathan Karp, Hana Park, Navorn Johnson, Richard Rhorer, Elizabeth
Breeden, Zachary Knoll, Jackie Seow, Wendy Sheanin, Maggie Southard, and
Julia Prosser; and to Andrea Blatt, Laura Bonner, Anna Dixon, and Gabby
Fetters at WME.
Sylvie Rabineau, we’ve been in this thing together since book one, day one.
Thank you for being my most trusted advisor, Jacob’s “Sylv,” and one of my
favorite people on the planet. I love you.
I am indebted to Katherine Eskovitz and Greg Andres for their legal
expertise, to Simone Puglia for being a great Austin guide, and to Niko Canner
and Uyen Tieu for the gorgeous woodturned bowl that sits on my desk, and that
inspired so much of Hannah.
For reading many drafts (over the last eight years!) and providing other
invaluable help and insight, thank you: Allison Winn Scotch, Wendy Merry,
Tom McCarthy, Emily Usher, Stephen Usher, Johanna Shargel, Jonathan
Tropper, Stephanie Abram, Olivia Hamilton, Damien Chazelle, Shauna Seliy,
Dusty Thomason, Heather Thomason, Amanda Brown, Erin Fitchie, Lynsey
Rubin, Liz Squadron, Lawrence O’Donnell Jr., Kira Goldberg, Erica Tavera,
Lexi Eskovitz, Sasha Forman, Kate Capshaw, James Feldman, Jude Hebert,
Kristie Macosko Krieger, Marisa Yeres Gill, Dana Forman, and Allegra Caldera.
And a special thank you to Lauren Levy Neustadter, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah
Harden, and the incredible team at Hello Sunshine—your belief in this book is
nothing short of a dream come true.
My heartfelt gratitude also to the Dave and Singer families and to my
wonderful friends for their unwavering love and support. And to the readers,
book groups, booksellers, and book lovers whose company I am so grateful to
Finally, my guys.
Josh, I’m not quite sure what to thank you for 􀏯rst. It probably should be
something about how this novel wouldn’t exist without you and your faith in
me (it wouldn’t), or how I can’t quite believe I get to have a partner who, after
thirteen years, I’m still so crazy about. But is it okay if I start with the co􀏦ee? I so
love the co􀏦ee. And I love you beyond all measure.
Jacob, my inimitable, big-hearted, wise, hilarious little man. I was reborn
when you entered this world. And now I walk through it grateful and humbled
by everything you teach me. What can I say, kid, that I don’t tell you every day?
The great blessing of my life is being your mama.

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