Sometime After Midnight

Chapter 2


Then he started mowing the yard just so he could yell at them about their dog doing her business in his yard. Their daughter wouldn't even take up for Buffy. This was making both Thomas and Karen very upset. They loved their daughter and granddaughter very much but they also loved their Buffy. It might have made a difference if Buffy was mean and dangerous but that wasn't the case.

On Victoria's first day at school Grandma was waiting on her bus with Buffy on a leash. Buffy was so excited to see her. The weather was in the upper sixties early seventies Karen let them play out doors. Victoria would throw a little frisbee and buffy would run and get it and bring it back to her. Karen forgot to watch the time and both of Victoria's parents arrived home at the same time. it didn't bother Victoria's mother but her father was a different matter. He was so upset that he went outside and ranted and raved about if he got his hands on Buffy she wouldn't have to be taken to the vet this time.Then he added and she won't be buried here in this yard.

Thomas and Karen took her to be cut and her yearly shots and paid for a few days of boarding for a grace period hoping Victoria's father would calm down some. The day they brought Buffy back home. Victoria's mother Madelyn begged her mother to put the dog into another home. Karen told her baby girl I will ask around just give us a little time. While eating dinner Karen accidently spilled Milk on the table cloth. While apologizing she called her daughter Maddy by mistake. that made Madelyn's husband irate and he started calling Karen all kinds of bad names. He demanded that Karen cleaned the entire kitchen by herself including washing the table cloth and scrubbing the table.

The next day after running errands both Thomas and Karen came home to find Buffy hanging by her neck from the guest house's porch. Thomas cut her down and told Karen sometimes I think Maddy's husband name is Lucifer instead of Luke. Karen still sobbing nodded her head. They covered Buffy up and took her to the vet. He cremated her and put her remains in an urn. They secretly smuggled her remains back into the guest house. When Victoria asked about Buffy grandma Karen said that her great grandfather in Porky Pine Hallow was lonely and asked if she could come and keep him company.

The next weekend Luke asked them to take care of Victoria while Madelyn went with him. When Luke and Madelyn got home both seem to be more at ease. maybe that was what both of them needed. During that school year things had improved until one evening when Thomas and Karen thought something strange had happen. They comforted Madelyn and this time she went off on them and wanted both of them off of her property immediately.

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