One Sweet Ride

Chapter 20



“I’m going to make you come. Relax and let me.”

No objection, just a slight lift of her butt as he slipped his hand underneath her.

She was already wet, hot, and pulsing as he slid his finger inside her.

“Oh,” she said, her pussy gripping his finger. He slipped another finger inside her.

He sat next to her and used his other hand to find her clit, petting her, circling the nub until she arched against him, her pussy tightening around his fingers. He pulled out, then began to fuck her faster as he circled her clit.

“I want to fuck you like this. With me behind you, pumping inside you hard and fast until we both come.”

“Yes,” she said, arching her hips and slamming them down, meeting every thrust of his fingers with cries of abandon. Whatever reservations or hang-ups she’d had before she’d met him had been obliterated, because when she came, she dug her nails into the cushion and let him know in a very loud voice that made his dick twitch.

“Oh, God, yes, I’m coming.”

“That’s it. Let me have it all, babe.”

She cried out and undulated against his fingers until she was out of breath, her hips collapsing against the cushions. He stroked her pussy, taking her up again, and this time, he grabbed a condom, climbed behind her, and dropped his trunks, sliding effortlessly into her.

“Oh, please, fuck me, Gray,” she said, her pussy a tight sheath as he filled her.

He’d wanted to wait, but he couldn’t. He needed to be inside her, needed to feel her gripping him, tightening around him as he gripped her hips and slammed his cock home.

“Fuck. Yeah,” he said as he powered in deep, then retreated, only to thrust harder, go faster, reaching underneath to stroke her clit and bring her right to the brink again.

And when she let go, he went with her, releasing that desire he’d held in check all day, erupting inside her with a loud groan while she cried out and reached for him, bucking back toward him.

He rolled to the side and dragged Evelyn against him, their bodies slick with sweat.

“I think I’m stuck to you,” she finally said.

He smiled. “Sunscreen and sweat.”

“Nice combo.”

“How about another shower, this time without the swimsuits on?”

She turned over to face him. “You mean . . . naked? Out here on the ocean?”


“That could lead to sex, you know.”

He arched a brow.

“Can we both fit?”

“Or die trying.”

She laughed. They dashed into the shower, where they realized in a hurry that Gray was way too big and it wasn’t going to be possible for both of them to fit in that tiny shower. He waited while Evelyn rinsed off, then he hopped in. By the time he got out, she’d put on her clothes and was standing at the mirror in the small sleeping area combing the tangles out of her hair.

Their gazes met in the mirror and she smiled at him, a knowing, I-just-had-sex-with-you-and-it-was-great kind of smile.

He liked this woman. Too much, probably, all things considered.

Deciding he didn’t want to ponder the ramifications of that, he headed upstairs to pull anchor and head back to shore.


SEX AND A DAY OF RELAXATION WAS A GREAT WAY TO unwind from all the tension that had been hovering around her for far too long. Evelyn decided she should maybe ponder taking a day off now and then. And maybe start having sex more often.

She hadn’t been this relaxed in a very long time. She had Gray to thank for that.

After they docked the boat—yacht, no matter how much he wanted to argue that it was just a “boat”—they headed back to Gray’s most awesome GTO, and took the beach road toward Daytona.

She expected him to take her back to her hotel, so she was surprised when he turned off the highway and into a driveway right off the beach.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“My place.”

His place. When they reached the end of the driveway and she saw the ocean, she sighed. He had a beautiful, huge home that sat right on the beach.

“This is your place.”


He pulled into the garage—which was also incredible, since it looked like six garages all lumped into one. One of the doors opened and he drove the GTO in and parked it.

The other part of the garage was dark, so when he got out of the car and he hit the light switch, she couldn’t help the look of awe that crossed her face.

There were five other cars sitting there, all covered up with tarps. It was like anticipating Christmas.

She lingered after he picked up their bags, staring at the covered cars.

He grinned and grabbed her hand. “I’ll show them to you. Some other time.”

“You’re really going to make me wait?”

“Yup. The beach is there for us to explore. I thought you might want to take a walk.”

She did. But she really did want to see those other cars.

Reluctantly, she let him lead her inside the house, which was magnificent, with views of the beach and ocean from nearly every room. There was an enormous kitchen with amazing appliances, a center island for cooking, and the most beautiful dark marble countertops she’d ever seen. She ran her fingertips over the smooth surface as they made their way past the dining room and a gorgeous black table that could easily seat a dozen people.

The living room was sunken and filled with leather and chrome furniture. It was all homey feeling though, and not cold and masculine. The white floors certainly helped brighten everything up, as did the myriad of floor-to-ceiling windows that showcased the incredible views.

She turned to him. “This is amazing. I don’t know how you ever leave this place.”

He smiled. “It’s hard sometimes, but I love my job, so that makes it easier.”

“I imagine so.” Her gaze flitted to the winding staircase. “Bedrooms upstairs?”

“Yeah.” His lips lifted in a smile. “We’ll get to those later. How about a walk?”


They headed out back onto the deck and down the stairs toward the beach. It was secluded, the nearest house rather far away.

“You must own a lot of land,” she said as they made their way south along the shore.

“A bit. I like my privacy.”

“For all those wild parties you throw when you’re here?”

“I’ve been known to have a few during the off-season. But I wouldn’t say they’re wild. I just don’t want my nearest neighbor to be able to peek into my bedroom.”

She held her hand up to shield her face from the sun, trying to guess how far away the nearest house was. “I don’t think your nearest neighbor could see into your bedroom with a high-powered telescope.”

He laughed. “Just the way I like it.”

The waves churned to shore, casting frothy water over her feet and ankles. The cool water felt good as they walked their way down the beach.

Evelyn wondered what it would be like to have a house like Gray had, to be able to sit on his deck and watch the waves roll in and out.

Not that she’d want to make this her permanent home. But a vacation home? A place to bring the kids? And the dog—she’d definitely want a dog or two. Maybe a Labrador, who’d want to take a leap into the ocean to fetch a ball or a Frisbee.

She laughed. It was always fun to plan out her imaginary family. The one she’d likely never have.

“What are you giggling about over there?”

She lifted her gaze to him, could imagine a dark-haired son with Gray’s stubborn chin, or a little girl with his eyes.

Whoa. Shaking off those thoughts immediately, she smiled at him. “Just playing the what-if game while we walked.”

“Yeah? Tell me.”

“Oh, it was nothing, really.”

He squeezed her hand and pulled her to a stop. “Evelyn. Tell me.”

“I was just daydreaming about your big house with its stunning ocean view, thinking what it might be like to live in a place like that. Then I decided I wouldn’t necessarily want to spend the rest of my life here, but it might be nice to have it as a vacation home, where I’d bring my imaginary children along with my imaginary dogs here for vacations. I even had my imaginary dogs fetching Frisbees from the water.”

His lips curved, and she wanted to trace that smile with her fingertips.

“Yeah? That sounds like a pretty good plan. You should add that to your things-to-do-someday list.”

“I don’t think I have a list like that.”

They resumed walking. “You should. Everyone should have a list like that.”

“Do you?”

“Uh . . . no.”

She shoved into him and laughed. “Then why tell me I should have one?”

“Because it’s a good idea, you planning to become President of the United States and all. You should get started on all those goals. Like getting married and having kids and a dog. You’re not going to get elected president being single.”

“I’m too busy getting someone else elected right now. I’ll worry about myself later.”

He stopped again and pulled her against him. “You should put yourself first more often.”

She’d thought much the same thing this morning when she realized how much being with Gray had helped her unwind. “I’ve thought about that.”

“Have you?”

“Yes. I’m very relaxed right now. And thanks to you, I’ve decided I should take more downtime.”

He skimmed his fingers along her back, making her wish she still wore her bikini instead of a tank top and shorts. She had loved the feel of his hands on her bare skin when they were on the boat. And what he’d done to her, the way he’d shattered her.

She wasn’t sure any man had ever learned her body so quickly, or if any man would ever make her come the way Gray could. A dangerous thought, because she didn’t want to become emotionally attached to him.

It was just sex—mind-blowing, really awesome sex, but that’s all it was, so making more out of it than what it was would only make her miserable when it was over.

And that was the hard truth she had to face.

She wanted more than just sex, and it was high time she started doing something about it.

But she wasn’t going to be doing something about it with Gray Preston. He wasn’t the forever and ever and two kids and the big yard and settling down and being supportive while she hustled through her political career kind of guy. He was racing cars and being on the road ten months out of the year kind of man. And that didn’t fit with her lifestyle, any more than hers fit with his.

This was a fling. A great fling, but when it was over they’d go their separate ways, and then she’d see about getting that house with the big yard and the tire swing.

He tipped her chin up with his fingers and her gaze met his, her body melting under the warmth of his whiskey eyes.

“Did I lose you?”

Not yet. But eventually, she’d lose him, his great hands, his incredible body, and the way he made her feel when he touched her.

“No. I’m right here.” Which was where she’d stay. In the moment, not waxing romantically about what could be, somewhere down the road in her future.

Somewhere far down the road.

He brushed his lips across hers and she melted into him, and when he explored her mouth with his tongue, she opened for him. He wrapped his arms around her and tugged her close. Here, out on the beach, with cool ocean water swimming over her feet, he could still heat her body to boiling.

He pulled his mouth from hers, his gaze heavy lidded and filled with the hunger that made her pulse beat erratically.

“Let’s go back to the house.”

She nodded and he grasped her hand. This time, their walk was faster as his thumb drew lazy circles over the top of her hand, driving her crazy. Her skin felt on fire, tuned in to his touch. By the time they climbed the back stairs and went through the doorway, she was ready to tear his clothes off with her teeth.


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