Melt into You (Loving on the Edge #2)

Chapter 25



Author: Roni Loren

Despite the shock of the suggestion, Jace shivered with pleasure at the touch, his hands gripping the counter behind him as Andre stroked the length of him through his pants. He had no idea what had come over Andre—they’d never touched like this outside of a scene, and Andre had certainly never challenged him for dominance, but he could tell the guy was dead serious.

“I don’t take orders from anyone,” Jace said though gritted teeth.

“You will from me if you want in that bedroom. Otherwise, you can stay out here and take care of this hard-on by yourself.”

Jace tilted his head back, the simple stimulation doing more to him than it should. “Screw you, Andre. I’m not here to feed your let’s-humiliate-Jace fantasies.”

Andre stepped back—the disgust clear on his face—and his hand dropped to his side, leaving Jace hard and sweating. “Yeah, ’cause that’s what I do, right—humiliate subs?”

Jace cringed. “No, I—”

“You know, one day you’re going to figure out that not everyone is out to tear you down. I’m trying to fucking help you not make the same mistake again.” Andre turned his back to him to head toward the bedroom. “Enjoy your morning, asshole.”

Jace squeezed his eyes shut, trying to get a hold of the funnel cloud of conflicting emotions and desires whirling through him. He hadn’t meant to insult Andre, but he’d never given control over to anyone. Even in training, the domme in charge of his submissive experience had accused him of trying to top her from the bottom. Anytime someone tried to direct him, he just wanted to lash out. His father’s talent for humiliation had left him with more than just a bitter taste for authority.

But was he really going to stand by and listen to Andre and Evan screw while he sat out here like an idiot, nursing his pride?


Andre looked back over his shoulder, his annoyance obvious. “Talk fast, Austin. I’ve got a beautiful woman bound and waiting for me.”

“I’ll sub for you.”

Andre’s jaw ticked slightly, but his eyes remained hard. “Try to top me and I’ll kick you out.”

Jace inhaled a deep breath through his nose, fighting the urge to tell Andre to fuck off. If Jace wanted his problem solved with Evan, this probably was a surefire way of doing it. “Fine.”

“Good.” Andre’s gaze tracked over him like a beast sizing up its prey. “Now give me your wrists and shut your fucking mouth.”


Evan flexed her wrists against the leather cuffs binding her arms together in front of her, unintentionally jangling the chain that attached the cuffs to a hook in the ceiling. Andre had left her standing there in front of the bed, her legs spread with a metal bar linking her two ankles, and had given her no further instructions.

She had no idea how long they planned to leave her like this, but all she knew was the longer she stood there, the wetter and more desperate she got. Never had she imagined being so deeply attracted to two different men at the same time, but she was discovering all kinds of secrets about herself this weekend. Including the fact that this whole bound and submissive thing was working for her on a number of levels. Time would only tell if all this self-discovery was a good or bad thing. Some switches may have been better left unflipped.

The door squeaked and she looked up, a gasp escaping as soon as she saw the state of the two men. Andre had his hand around the back of Jace’s neck, leading him in, and Jace’s wrists were bound behind his head, his fingers laced against the back of his scalp. The muscles in Jace’s chest and arms were on full display in that position, the tribal-style tattoos on his bicep like rippling works of art. Evan’s throat went dry at the beauty of him. “Oh, my God.”

Jace’s gaze met hers and then roamed down the rest of her body. “I could say the same to you, sunshine.”

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Because Jace couldn’t play nice this morning, I now have two lovely slaves to play with.” He pushed Jace forward. “Now, go ask the lady to take off your pants. Both of you have lost the right to clothes this morning.”

Jace looked like he wanted to throw a barb back at Andre, but he clenched his jaw and walked toward her. When he stopped in front of her, his eyes were green fire. “Would you mind getting me naked, please?”

She looked down at her bindings and the spreader bar at her feet. “How am I supposed to do that?”

“You’re a bright girl, bella. I suggest you get creative,” Andre said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Jace raised an eyebrow in challenge. She yanked on the chain attached to the ceiling, making sure she had enough slack, then eased down until she was able to tilt forward and fall to her knees. The planes of Jace’s well-honed abdomen were now eye level with her. He stepped a little closer, and she had the urge to lick him from head to foot. Instead, she leaned forward and drew her tongue along the irresistible v-line of his pelvis, tasting salt and a fine sheen of clean sweat.

He shuddered beneath the treatment and his cock, which was already beautifully hard, twitched against his pants. “He didn’t say to torture me, pet.”

Andre laughed as he stepped up beside them. “No, I didn’t, but I appreciate your initiative. Feel free to taste him anywhere except that cock I know you like so much. Your mouth is mine today. Got it?”

“Yes, sir.”

She looked up at Jace and could see the amount of strength it was requiring for him to stay quiet and still, to let Andre be in control. It was obvious being submissive wasn’t Jace’s natural state, but she also couldn’t miss the heat in his gaze and the response of his body. Natural state or not, he was as turned on as she was.

She nuzzled his navel with her cheek before grabbing the waistband of his pants with her teeth and tugging downward. As carefully as she could, she drew his pants down, freeing his erection and leaving him as bare as she was. He stepped out of the puddle of cotton on the floor, and she lifted her head to smile in victory at Andre.

“Nicely done, bella. Now back on your feet.”

He helped her to get steady again and then pulled on the ceiling chain, drawing out the slack. Her arms rose in response until they were stretched above her head, leaving her spread and on display for the two of them.

Andre laid a hand on Jace’s shoulder and pushed. “On your knees, Jace. Help me thank Evan for being such a helpful little sub.”

Jace dropped to a kneel, and Andre stepped behind her, his arms wrapping around her hips and his fingers finding her heat. Andre gently spread the lips of her sex with this thumbs, exposing the evidence of exactly how aroused she was to Jace. Wet and swollen and pulsing with need.

Jace leaned forward and placed a soft kiss against her clit. “So, so pretty, pet.”

Goose bumps pricked her skin, Jace’s rapt attention and the feel of his breath against her skin almost too much to bear. She couldn’t remember ever aching for someone so damn much. The way the two guys made her feel—like she was something to be worshipped, like no other woman had existed before this moment—had more than her erogenous zones tightening.

Jace tasted her again with a patience that belied the hungry look in his eyes. Soft and teasing. Like he was savoring each nuance of her. Exploring which lick and nibble would make her tremble.

She panted softly. Even with the carefully measured strokes, his tongue was a lethal weapon against any control she’d been maintaining. He nipped at her clit, and she arched up, the chains rattling loudly above her. “Holy shit.”

“Remember, no coming, bella.” Andre slipped a finger inside her, while Jace continued to coax her into oblivion.

Pleasure, hot and overwhelming, made it near impossible to follow that instruction, but she held on with every ounce of willpower she had. She forced her eyes open so she could take in the erotic image of Jace bound and beautiful at her feet and Andre’s tan fingers working against her pale skin.

“You guys are a good team,” she said, her voice thick.

Andre nipped at her earlobe. “Bella, you have no idea.” He shifted his position, letting his finger slip from inside her, and grabbed Jace’s chin, halting him. “Enough. You haven’t earned the right to make her come.”

Jace backed away, though he looked reluctant to do so, and rose to his feet, clearing the way for Andre. But when Andre stepped around her, he didn’t face her. Instead, he locked eyes with Jace. “I’m going to unlock your wrists, but if those hands touch anything without permission, including yourself, I will secure you to that wall and make you watch. You got that?”

Jace’s muscles flexed in the bindings, as if he were a lion ready to pounce the minute he was freed. But he nodded.

Andre’s smile was wry as he stepped forward and unlocked the link securing the two cuffs to each other. Jace lowered his arms and rolled his shoulders, but otherwise remained where he was standing, his focus on Evan.

Andre walked over to the armoire against the wall and unlatched it. When he turned back around he was holding a riding crop. Evan’s heartbeat ticked upward. She had enjoyed her little venture into spanking the night before, but this seemed like a whole different zip code. Andre rolled the thin shaft of the crop between his fingers, his attention on her. “Jace said you seem to like a little edge to your pleasure, bella. Is that true?”

She wet her lips. “I’m not sure. Maybe?”

Andre’s smile was soft. “Let’s see if I can turn that maybe into a yes. You remember your words?”

She took a steadying breath. “Yes, sir.”

Andre closed the distance between him and Jace, and with two quick snaps hit Jace’s nipples with the riding crop. Jace sucked in a sharp breath and his cock flexed in response.

Andre smiled with satisfaction as he reached down and stroked Jace’s length. “See, it’s not so bad. Even a big tough dom like Jace knows how sweet a little pain can be.”

Jace’s gaze darted down to Andre’s grip then back to Evan, concern flashing in his eyes. “I, uh, don’t know if Evan’s into, um, us. We didn’t discuss that limit.”

Evan barely choked back her own moan at the unashamed contact between the two men. “Please. Don’t censor yourselves for me. I could come just watching how hot the two of you look right now.”

Jace raised his eyebrows, and Andre gave her a sly grin. “Jace, I think we have a naughty voyeur on our hands.”

“I think we have a naughty everything on our hands,” Jace said, giving her a smile that damn near melted the marrow from her bones.

“Indeed. Maybe it’s time we make use of that.” Andre stopped stroking Jace and handed him the riding crop. “You will hit her until she comes. And Evan, you will not come until I give you permission.”

She gulped. “Yes, sir.”

“And what are you going to do?” Jace asked, his eyes narrowed.

Andre leaned close to Jace’s ear, but Evan could hear the resolute words nonetheless. “I’m going to make her fantasy come true.”

Her heart seemed to pause midbeat, but Andre was headed her way before she could fully process what she’d heard. He reached out and touched her cheek. “Why the wide eyes, bella?”

“I’m a little scared,” she admitted.

“Don’t be.” He pushed her hair away from her face. “Jace and I would never hurt you. We only want to bring you to the place we know you can get to. Can you give us your trust?”

She swallowed hard, focusing on the sincerity swirling in those endless brown eyes. Trust wasn’t something she dished out easily. People throughout her life had shown her time and again that it was a gift to be abused, but for some reason she found the answer jumping to her lips. “Yes. I trust you.”

“Thank you.” The smile he gave her was tender, not at all like the stern face he’d been wearing since he’d slipped into his dominant role. He brushed a thumb across her lips, then leaned down and tasted her mouth in a sensual kiss, one that made her toes curl into the area rug. Gentle but demanding, Andre drew her out of her busy mind and into another place where her thoughts came slow like honey.


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