Hellboy: Oddest Jobs (Hellboy: Odd Jobs #3)

Hellboy: Oddest Jobs (Hellboy: Odd Jobs #3)




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Hellboy: Oddest Jobs (Hellboy: Odd Jobs #3)

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Hellboy: Oddest Jobs (Hellboy: Odd Jobs #3)

by Christopher Golden (Editor), Mike Mignola (Illustrator)

And you thought Hell was weird . . .

Longtime contributor to the Hellboy mythos Christopher Golden brings together a crew of luminaries including Joe R. Lansdale (Bubba HoTep) and China Miéville (King Rat), crossgenre sensation Barbara Hambly (The Windrose Chronicles), celebrated mystery writer Ken Bruen (The Dramatist), bestselling science fiction and fantasy novelist Tad Williams (Otherland), and a bevy of other skilled storytellers eager to spin a tale or two about the world's greatest paranormal detective, as some of the biggest names in horror, mystery, and fantasy come together to pay homage to Mike Mignola's Hellboy!

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