Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1910



Chapter 1911: The Miracle with Kai Ya

Clearly, Jian Chen’s absence did not affect the meeting at all. As a matter of fact, a lot of people did not even take note of it.

Most of the experts gathered here today did not originate from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Jian Chen’s absence from such an important meeting was not disrespecting them but the divine king.

After all, the divine king was the ruler of the divine kingdom.

However, the divine king did not seem to care at all. He would definitely become displeased and maybe even furious if an ordinary Overgod missed such an important meeting. However, Jian Chen held a special position in his heart.

Time passed silently, and unknowingly, half a month had already gone by.

Everything with the Tian Yuan clan in the provincial city remained the same. The fact that a war was about to erupt at a fortress on the boundaries of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian did not seem to influence the place much at all. However, everyone in the clan was on their highest state of vigilance. They could activate the formation in the forbidden grounds at any time.

At this moment, a tremendous pressure suddenly permeated the forbidden grounds of the clan. In a single instance, it engulfed the entire place before rapidly expanding further.

At this crucial moment, the formations in the forbidden grounds activated. They stacked upon each other and covered the entire place, firmly locking in the powerful presence within the forbidden grounds.

In the forbidden grounds, everyone who had come up from the lower world had already gathered together. They were staring at the person they had encircled, Kai Ya in her blue dress, with shock and disbelief filling their faces.

The appearance of the presence had drawn their attention immediately. Only then did they look away from Kai Ya and stare towards the depths of the forbidden grounds, at the door that led straight underground.

“Brother has broken through again,” Sacredfeather murmured in delight.

“Big brother is emerging from seclusion. Will he leave the clan again after that,” Xiao Ling said reluctantly.

Everyone immediately departed for where Jian Chen would emerge. They all felt eager, wondering just how great Jian Chen’s strength would become after this breakthrough.

After all, Jian Chen was already able to achieve invincibility among Overgods before he had broken through. It had even been rumored he could make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque.

In the very depths of the forbidden grounds, the door slowly opened and finally revealed Jian Chen.

He had now formally reached the eleventh layer of the Chaotic Body. His entire body possessed explosive power.

This power gave Jian Chen great confidence. He was now bold enough to directly stand up to Godkings.

Godkings were peak existences within divine kingdoms. In a huge divine kingdom, there would only be a handful of Godkings. Even in ancient empires, Godkings were great people who could act as they wished.

Now, Jian Chen felt like he was powerful enough to take on Godkings.

Perhaps due to the fact that he had just broken through, but he was unable to contain his presence as he wished, so a tremendous pressure radiated from him.

The pressure was so powerful that the air around him seemed to freeze. Many people outside the secret room even found it difficult to breathe as if they were suffocating.

It was as if they were not facing a person right now, but an imposing, unscalable mountain. Just facing it made them feel insignificant.

“Is he an Overgod or a Godking?”

At this moment, the same thought crossed the heads of many people.

In particular, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu were amazed when they saw the current Jian Chen. They had basically watched Jian Chen grow from a puny Saint Ruler in the past to his current level.

“Jian Chen, you’ve finally emerged. Check Kai Ya quickly,” Shangguan Mu’er said with a sense of urgency as well as some shock and disbelief.

Jian Chen immediately looked at Kai Ya after that, but in the next moment, his pupils narrowed suddenly, and disbelief filled his face.

“How is this possible? Kai Ya, you’ve gone from a Saint Emperor to Reciprocity in the span of half a month,” Jian Chen cried out as if he had just seen a ghost.

Half a month ago, Kai Ya was still a Saint Emperor, but now, she had actually managed to break through Receival and Returnance to arrive at Reciprocity. Moreover, she was at late Reciprocity.

Jian Chen felt like he was dreaming when he thought about her speed. He found it rather difficult to believe.

Kai Ya was also very doubtful about how she could cultivate so quickly. She said as she wondered, “I don’t know what happened either. I just discovered that cultivation was extremely easy once I woke up. I didn’t encounter any bottlenecks, and I absorbed the origin energy in the divine crystals extremely quickly as well. I can drain a divine crystal in just a few seconds.”

“Maybe it’s because you ingested all those heavenly resources?” The only reason that Jian Chen could think of after Kai Ya’s elaboration was that she had ingested a God Tier heavenly resource.

However, the Voidcloud Flower’s greatest effects were to heal the soul, while its effects on increasing cultivation were almost insignificant. Kai Ya’s strength should not have soared so drastically.

Moreover, even if the Voidcloud Flower could increase cultivation, it was impossible for it to be so quick, making a Saint Emperor reach late Reciprocity in just half a month.

“Oh right. Jian Chen, I’ve already grasped the power of laws. If it were not for the fact that I ran out of divine crystals, I think I would be a Deity already,” Kai Ya continued. With that, the power of laws gathered and coiled around her. It caused her to flicker with black light as the laws surrounded her.

“T- this is the Laws of Destruction!” Jian Chen cried out in a daze. He was in disbelief.

Jian Chen was not the only one. When Kai Ya’s laws appeared, everyone nearby became dumbfounded. They stared at the Laws of Destruction that coiled around her in a daze as their hearts churned.

“God level laws. H- how is this possible?” Jian Chen was taken aback. At that moment, the shock he felt had peaked.

In just half a month, not only had Kai Ya’s cultivation increased by an unbelievable amount, but her even comprehension of laws had progressed beyond belief.

The power of laws was the key to Godhood. In the Saints’ World, there were countless Origin realm expert who would get stuck at this stage, unable to comprehend the laws of the world even if they devoted their entire lives to it. This was more than enough to illustrate the difficulty of comprehending laws.

However, not only had Kai Ya comprehended laws so easily, but the Laws of Destruction she currently displayed had also completely exceeded the levels of Deities. It had reached the levels of Gods.

If this managed to make it out, even the entire Saints’ World would be in shock, let alone the Cloud Plane.

“Kai Ya, how did you do it? How did your comprehension of laws suddenly reach such a level?” Jian Chen asked as his heart trembled.

“I don’t know why. I just naturally grasped the laws when I cultivated.” Kai Ya was puzzled as well.


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