Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1909



Chapter 1910: Jian Chen Absent

“Hmph. It’s said that Jian Chen possesses the strength to make it onto the Three Thousand Overgods’ Plaque. Out of the countless Overgods across the Saints’ World, there are only three thousand of them. Every single one of them is extremely powerful among people of their own cultivation. They’re all prodigies raised by those peak organisations. Although our Earth Spirit sect possesses some strength, that’s only limited to the southern region of the Cloud Plane. How can we be compared to those supreme prodigies nurtured by peak organisations?” Elder Mu from the Earth Spirit sect stood up and said sternly. As the master of the protectors, he needed to step up and say something in response to the scoffings from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds so that he could protect the pride of the Earth Spirit sect and his own to his greatest ability.

Afterwards, elder Mu stared at the three elders coldly and said with a sunken face, “If you feel my disciples are useless, you are most welcome to have the disciple you are the proudest of to spar with Jian Chen. Let’s see whether your great disciples are Jian Chen’s opponent or not. If your people can win, I’ll admit my disciples are useless.”

“That’s right. You people from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds can’t just talk like that if you don’t have what it takes to back it up. You better get your own disciples to fight the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan first. It’s not like it’ll be too late for you to scoff at our Earth Spirit sect once you achieve victory.”

“Haha, I just fear that the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds will lack that bravery because they know as well that even if they scour their entire sect, they won’t be able to find an Overgod that can defeat the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. Of course, that’s unless you use many Overgods to cast down a killing formation. Only then will there be a chance at victory, but our Earth Spirit sect can do something like that easily as well.”

The other two elders did not tarry. They both spoke out as well.

With so many Godkings gathered here today, they needed to stand up for the Earth Spirit sect.

As a result, even though they were very reluctant, they had to describe Jian Chen’s strength as worthy of making it onto the Overgods’ Plaque.

If the protectors of the Earth Spirit sect had been defeated by an expert from the Overgods’ Plaque, it would not be embarrassing in the slightest.

Let alone their Earth Spirit Sect and the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds, but even all the organisations that had come today did not possess a single disciple talented enough to defeat a person on the Overgods’ Plaque.

However, the three elders from the Daoist Sect of Calm Cloud burst into laughter instead when they heard the words of the elders from the Earth Spirit sect. Elder Song looked at the elders from the Earth Spirit sect like they were idiots and scoffed, “Our Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds is nowhere near as mighty as your Earth Spirit sect, purposefully becoming enemies with people on the Overgods’ Plaque. Our Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds would much rather try to get on the good side of those prodigies, so why would we purposefully offend them? Only a brainless idiot would do something like that.”

The elders from the Earth Spirit sect turned crimson with rage as their fury rose from what elder Song had said.

Below, the protectors of the Earth Spirit sect also exhibited ugly expressions, as the trouble they had caused made the three elders suffer humiliation from the people of the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds. They felt shameful and wronged.

“Patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, it’s all because of you. I, Chen Chun, will remember you. I will make you pay a thousand fold for the humiliation our Earth Spirit sect has suffered in public today,” thought the woman with the fan stood within the crowd. Her eyes were extremely cold.

At that moment, her hatred towards Jian Chen really had reached an unprecedented level.

The experts in the hall watched on as if they were watching a show. The grievances between the Earth Spirit sect and the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds did not get in the way of their interests, so they naturally would not interfere with the matter.

Moreover, none of them would ever offend an Overgod on the Overgods’ Plaque for no reason, provided they did not get in the way of their interests too much.

This was because if someone like that matured successfully, they would become a dominant figure in the Saints’ World as long as no accidents happened.

There were quite a few people who had developed a deep interest in Jian Chen.

“I never thought that in just a few decades, Jian Chen would become someone who can make the Overgods’ Plaque.” Wayner Yan was also in the crowd, gathered with the Overgods there. After hearing the elders’ judgement of Jian Chen, he became extremely dejected.

“Oh right, I wonder if the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is here. If you are, please show yourself. The three of us admire you greatly.” Suddenly, one of the elders from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds said to the Overgods below. He smiled as he spoke politely, scanning through the crowd in the meantime.

With that, many elders from powerful organisations focused their attention on the group of Overgods. They also became somewhat curious.

Only the three elders from the Earth Spirit sect remained seated there with pale faces. They were furious inside.

However, no one stepped forward under the gazes of all the elders from large organisations.

At this moment, an elder of the Tian Yuan clan entered the hall under the lead of the Royal Divine Army. He reported to the divine king that Jian Chen was unable to make it.

With that, everyone seemed to understand why no one had stepped forward, and they no longer thought too much about it. However, the three elders from the Earth Spirit sect naturally developed hatred towards Jian Chen after they had been completely made fun of by their enemies, the people from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds. It was all because of Jian Chen’s matter. Elder Mu immediately snorted coldly and said, “Jian Chen sure is haughty. At such an important time, he’s bold enough to miss the meeting. Does he think he’s a supreme Godking who has made it onto the Godking’s Throne? He’s looking down on the lot of us.”

“Since Jian Chen possesses the strength to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque, he’ll definitely be extraordinary as well when he becomes a Godking. He does have some right to look down on us. However, the divine king clearly sent out orders three days ago, yet he still dared to not come. He’s looking down on the divine king,” elder Fang from the Earth Spirit sect said steadily. Not only had he antagonised Jian Chen against all the Godkings present, but he had also pulled the divine king into the matter as well.

The Godkings present all remained seated where they were. Their faces remained unchanged by what he had said.

Naturally, they understood that the people from the Earth Spirit sect were antagonising Jian Chen on purpose in an attempt to use everyone against him. However, with their identities and knowledge, it was impossible for them to be provoked by a few words and start acting just like the elders wanted them to.

The divine king on the throne waved his hand and dismissed the elder from the Tian Yuan clan. He did not become angered at all by Jian Chen’s absence. He said calmly, “Since Jian Chen can’t make it, let’s just start the meeting. May I ask if you have plans against the attacks from the Empyrean Demon Cult?”


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