Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1908



Chapter 1909: Gathering of Experts

Time passed silently, and the news of the arrival of the three Godkings from the Earth Spirit sect naturally was unable to stay hidden. The Divine Kingdom of Pingtian actively spread the news so that they could rid the unease from their countless citizens about the Empyrean Demon Cult’s invasion.

However, the arrival of the three Godkings also led to a fervent discussion. Many people discussed whether the three Godkings would personally stand forward to demand an explanation from Jian Chen, who had injured their protectors.

The entire divine kingdom discussed this matter. Everyone in the Tian Yuan clan became heavy-hearted when they received this news. They immediately entered a high state of caution.

However, the three Godkings rarely appeared in the public after they entered the royal palace. At the same time, they did not behave as everyone had expected. They did not personally pay a visit to the Tian Yuan clan.

Everyone in the Tian Yuan clan naturally let out a sigh of relief in response as they secretly rejoiced.

As time went on, more and more large organisations sent reinforcements. They all gathered in the royal capital.

From the Heavenly Moon Empire that was the closest to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the other sect that was just as well-known as the Earth Spirit sect, the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds, had also sent three Godkings.

The imperial family of the Heavenly Moon Empire had also sent reinforcements. They sent two subjects that had arrived in luxurious carriages. They shot through the streets of the royal capital as a blur.

The royal capital of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian was now a gathering place of experts. Many large organisations in the southern region had sent reinforcements. Some of the citizens who stayed within the royal capital could clearly feel the suffocating pressure from the royal palace. It was daunting.

Several days later, groups of special messengers left the royal palace with lightning speed. They hurried to the six great provincial cities to pass on the divine king’s orders as quickly as possible and summon all the Overgods.

Naturally, the Tian Yuan clan received orders from a group of special messengers as well, but they all became stuck in a dilemma. They all frowned.

“The patriarch is still in seclusion. What do we do? Do we disturb him?” Mo Ling, Ando Fu, Nanyun Tong, and the elders all had no idea what to do.

This was because before he entered seclusion, Jian Chen had specially ordered them to not disturb him unless the clan faced a situation of life or death.

“How can the summons of the divine king be more important than my brother’s cultivation? His period of seclusion this time is extremely important. Don’t disturb him,” Sacredfeather emerged from the forbidden grounds at this moment and said coldly. He possessed a natural sense of pride, so he completely treated the summons of the divine king as nothing.

“But the divine king has ordered the patriarch to hurry to the royal palace within three days. If he doesn’t go…” Mo Ling and Ando Fu were troubled.

“If my brother doesn’t come out of seclusion in three days, send a person to inform the divine king. Tell him that my brother is in a crucial moment of cultivation, so he can’t go,” Sacredfeather said firmly.

“This…” Mo Ling and Ando Fu looked at each other.

At this moment, Jian Chen sat in a secret room underground. He clenched a fist-sized plant core as he absorbed its energy and essence.

This was already the third core he had absorbed. The two before had provided him with extremely powerful and pure energy. His chaotic neidan had already reached the limits of the tenth layer now. He was close to breaking through.

“If my estimates are correct, as long as I absorb the core in my hand, my chaotic neidan will surpass its limits and explode. It’ll be the time to condense the chaotic neidan for the eleventh layer when that happens.”

“Once my Chaotic Body reaches the eleventh layer, I would have the battle prowess of a Godking. Although it’s nowhere near the level where I don’t have to worry at all when I face off against the Empyrean Demon Cult, I’ll be able to protect myself better at the very least.”

Jian Chen thought. He was slightly eager. However, in the next moment, he discarded his thoughts and completely devoted himself to cultivation.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye, and Jian Chen still had not emerged. Without any other options, the Tian Yuan clan could only contact the people that they had already sent to the royal capital.

At this moment, all the experts that originated from the various organisations of the ancient empires had gathered in a grand hall. There were several hundred of them, and all of them were Overgods at the very least.

Just the Godkings among them amounted to over twenty. With so many Godkings gathered together, the presence they gave off was heavy and terrifying. The air in the hall basically felt frozen.

Only Overgods possessed the strength to remain there under such pressure. Gods would not even be able to approach the place.

And this was with their presences concealed. Otherwise, if the terrifying presences of over twenty Godkings merged together, the pressure would be so great that even many Overgods would not be able to endure it.

The Godkings from the Heavenly Moon Empire only amounted to eight. The others came from three other ancient empires.

Four of the six ancient empires in the southern region had sent reinforcements.

However, as the Heavenly Moon Empire was the closest to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the Heavenly Moon Empire would be the most threatened out of the six ancient empires once the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian fell. As a result, the Heavenly Moon Empire had sent the most amount of people.

Above them was the divine king, Pingtian. He wore his dragon robes as he sat on his dragon throne. He glanced at the experts below and thanked them all for coming with a calm smile.

None of the Godkings below put on any airs. They all smiled and exchanged pleasantries with the divine king extremely politely. They seemed to be fawning over him.

“I heard there’s an impressive Overgod from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. He easily defeated two late Overgods from the Earth Spirit sect while they were working together. For the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian to possess a talent like that, it’s difficult for you to not try to prosper,” at this moment, a middle-aged man seated below spoke. He glanced at the three elders of the Earth Spirit sect with a smile that hid deep meaning.

The middle-aged man had also come from the Heavenly Moon Empire. He was an elder of the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds, and his name was Song Ge.

“It’s said that the two late Overgods were two that were specially nurtured by the Earth Spirit sect. Not only did they possess powerful battle skills and impressive cultivation methods, but they were even a step away from Godking as well. It’s just a pity that these two Overgods couldn’t even injure him. I wonder who their master is, who is actually so useless that they can produce such lackluster disciples,” a young man immediately followed up after Song Ge. He looked in the direction of the Earth Spirit sect in provocation.

The young man was also an elder of the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds. His name was Chan Bufan.

“Hahaha, looks like the disciples of the Earth Spirit sect of this generation really don’t possess much talent at all, or it’s like what elder Chang has said, their master is just useless,” the third elder from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds also added, and he too stared at the three elders of the Earth Spirit sect in provocation.

The faces of the three elders became extremely sunken. Although they were like the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds, one of the two great sects of the Heavenly Moon Empire, their relationship was nowhere close to amicable. They had always been secretly fighting with each other, trying to get the better of the other.

Now that an opportunity had presented itself to the people from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds, they naturally had to mock the Earth Spirit sect properly.


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