Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1906



Chapter 1907: Quietening Down

Jian Chen caught the Space Ring that the Grand Imperial Protector had thrown at him and checked its contents with the senses of his soul.

There were only two types of things in the Space Ring: divine crystals and pills.

However, there were mountainous piles of both divine crystals and pills. There were many of them, and they were stacked neatly together.

Even Jian Chen became amazed at the quantity of the mountainous pile of divine crystals.

“There are probably a hundred billion divine crystals here or even more than that,” Jian Chen marveled secretly. Even though he was used to seeing a lot of divine crystals, he was still amazed when he saw such a tremendous sum.

The only pity was that all the divine crystals were low grade. As a result, once converted, they were only one billion mid grade divine crystals or ten million high grade divine crystals.

One million mid grade divine crystals were equivalent to a block, so ten million high grade divine crystals were equivalent to ten blocks of high grade divine crystal. This was equivalent to the wealth of most Overgod clans.

The healing pills were just like the divine crystals. They were not of a particularly high grade, but they possessed quite the evident healing effects.

The divine crystals were used to make up for the loss of the provincial city so that he could rebuild it, while the pills were clearly for the people who had been injured by the battle.

Jian Chen understood that the Grand Imperial Protector had come with these items on purpose. He had prepared them beforehand.

After all, it was quite difficult to gather such a great number of resources in a short period of time.

Jian Chen fell silent for a while with the Space Ring in hand before saying, “Since the Imperial Protector himself has come asking for mercy, I’ll let this matter be for now. Their lives are spared, but they cannot avoid punishment. Even if they’re protectors of the Earth Spirit sect, they need to pay a price for destroying my provincial city.”

With that, Jian Chen extended his hand and shot out six strands of sword Qi towards the foreheads of six of the people around instantly. Each strand of sword Qi was the size of a needle.

Trapped, the protectors of the Earth Spirit sect were unable to dodge Jian Chen’s attack at all, let alone resist. The sword Qi pierced their skin easily. It made its way through their foreheads and headed straight for their brains, injuring their souls.


The six heavily-injured protectors could not help but cry out painfully. There were all haggard and extremely weak.

Jian Chen had controlled the power of the sword Qi perfectly. It would injure but not kill, wounding their souls. It would be extremely difficult for them to recover from this unless they had special heavenly resources or pills.

However, both of those items were priceless.

“You’ve actually injured our souls! Once our master arrives, he’ll never spare you,” the woman with the fan stared at Jian Chen with resentment as she ground her teeth.

The other protectors also look at Jian Chen with fury. Their gazes made them seem like they just wanted to eat Jian Chen alive.

The only protector who did not take part in the battle had become utterly frightened. He did not dare to utter a single word.

Perhaps because he did not take part, but Jian Chen did not target him specifically. Jian Chen did not injure his soul.

Afterwards, Jian Chen released the restraints he had placed on them with the Primordial Godsilk, allowing them to regain their mobility.

The Grand Imperial Protector glanced at the black-clothed Shen Jian deeply as well as master Chanlong who stood before Kai Ya in the provincial city. Afterwards, he left with the seven protectors.

Naturally, Wayner Yan did not stay. He left with the Grand Imperial Protector. He had stood up for his seniors and ended up heavily injured. He had to go tend to them, regardless of the reason.

After seeing how the Earth Spirit sect had created such a great mess, the two Gods of the Wayner clan did not remain in the city either. They followed Wayner Yan to the royal capital.

The Dong’an province quietened down once again. However, the shockwaves of energy from the battle lingered in the sky. The fierce wind whistled loudly.

Jian Chen turned around to look at the damaged city walls. He could not help but sigh as he revealed a sliver of helplessness.

At this moment, Mo Ling, Ando Fu, Nanyun Tong, and the other elders flew out from the city. They gathered before Jian Chen and stared at him in admiration and reverence.

Houston, Sacredfeather, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, Rui Jin, Hei Yu, Hong Lian, and so on all emerged from the forbidden grounds. They also gathered before him.

However, Shangguan Mu’er did not appear.

“Brother, are we just going to let them go like this?” Sacredfeather asked. He was extremely reluctant as a powerful battle intent radiated from him clearly.

“Sob… they’re so bad. They’ve destroyed our home,” like a pitiful girl, Xiao Ling choked back her tears as her face was filled with sadness.

The other people all expressed their sympathy regarding the matter sincerely.

“Our business with the Earth Spirit sect isn’t over. Let’s all go back first,” Jian Chen said to everyone. He knew extremely well that the greater the sect, the more prideful they would be. Now that the seven protectors of the Earth Spirit sect had actually suffered defeat at the hands of an Overgod clan in a backwater kingdom like the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, they would never just let the matter stand.

Today was only a start.

Jian Chen directly went to find Kai Ya in the provincial city. His feelings became extremely mixed when he saw master Chanlong standing before her.

He knew that if it were not for master Chanlong’s protection today, Kai Ya definitely would have been done for. Master Chanlong had saved her life today.

“Chanlong, no matter what, I must thank you for what you did today,” Jian Chen said to Chanlong.

Master Chanlong was indifferent towards Jian Chen’s expression of gratitude. He said calmly, “It had nothing to do with you. I was only protecting my friend.”

Afterwards, master Chanlong looked at Kai Ya, and his voice became much gentler. He said, “Kai Ya, the three armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult are about to attack the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Staying here isn’t safe anymore. Why don’t you leave with me?”

“Chanlong, you may have saved Kai Ya, but don’t even think about taking her away. Otherwise, I can only get you to stay as well,” before Kai Ya could respond, Jian Chen cut into the conversation. He spoke forcefully, leaving no room for negotiation.

He would never allow Kai Ya to leave with someone she had only met recently. Moreover, he always felt that master Chanlong might have ulterior motives for befriending Kai Ya, who was only a Saint Emperor, while he was a mighty late Overgod.

Let alone the difference in strength, but they had even only known each other for so long.

Moreover, Kai Ya possessed a Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast that had followed her out of its own free will. He even suspected whether master Chanlong had recognised what it was, which was why he was interacting with Kai Ya actively.

“Jian Chen, I must admit that your strength is greater than the past, but keeping me here is impossible if I want to leave,” master Chanlong responded forcefully without any fear.

“Chanlong, Jian Chen, stop arguing,” Kai Ya hurried to stand between them after sensing the atmosphere between them was becoming more and more intense. She was afraid the two of them would begin fighting.

“Chanlong, thank you for saving me. However, Jian Chen is the most important friend in my life right now. I won’t leave him,” Kai Ya said seriously.

Master Chanlong stared at Kai Ya with interest. After a while, he finally sighed gently, “Fair enough. Since you choose to stay behind, I won’t force you to leave with me.” Master Chanlong no longer said anymore after that. He turned around and made his way out of the city, leaving the Dong’an province.

Jian Chen just watched him leave and did not stop him. Regardless of what he had done in the past, Chanlong had saved Kai Ya’s life. He could not continue attacking him anymore.

“It really is strange though. I clearly haven’t seen you before, but why do I feel a sense of familiarity?” Kai Ya still felt extremely puzzled as she looked at master Chanlong’s back. She returned with Jian Chen to the Tian Yuan clan with a slight bit of confusion.


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