Breaking Free

Chapter 36



Eyes widening, she struggled and got nowhere. “No!”

“Oh, yes.” He pushed his finger in farther.

Oh, God, he had his finger in her ass. Slick and cold and such a strange feeling. Nerves she hadn’t felt before started to fire as he eased out slightly, then in farther. “No…” she moaned. Having him touch her there was too intimate, left her too vulnerable. She’d never let anyone do this to her before.

The thought of using her safe word crossed her mind, and then his mouth came down on her clit, sending the sensations there instead. But as he moved his finger, in and out, the tiny fucking motions sent need rioting through her body. Tongue, finger, tongue, finger, her mind couldn’t process the sensations, and her whole lower half tightened, more and more.

He pulled his finger out and pressed two against her, right at the very entrance. Her anus clamped shut, refusing admittance. He waited, flicking his tongue over her clit, his touch too gentle to give her release, driving her mad with impatience. She tried to lift her hips, and the inability to move drove her higher again.

Then his tongue came down on her clit, rubbing it in a demanding stroke, right over the top, the sides, the top, and she was almost…almost… His two fingers drove into her rectum in one hard stroke, and she broke with a scream of shock, the waves of sensation tangling together in her lower half, shooting electric blazes through her whole body. Her pussy tried to buck against his lips, and nothing would move. She could only lay there and shiver, and come and come and come.

As she shuddered with the aftermath, he moved away, disposing of his glove. He returned to lean on the side of the sling, rocking her slightly. Still stunned from the way he’d made her climax, she just watched him, content to have him close. People moved around the room and were undoubtedly watching. She couldn’t bring herself to care.

His fingers toyed with the jewelry lying on her breasts, making the tiny bells chime. “You know,” he said in a musing tone of voice, “I think you’ve started to get off too easily.” He bent and licked over one clamped nipple, his tongue hot. He blew over the wet peak and smiled as she shivered. “From now on, you need to wait for permission to come.”

“What?” she asked in disbelief. During the party as part of the game, that had been bad enough. But here in the club? She could barely get off. Well, before Sir, she could—

He grasped her chin and commanded, “You don’t come until I say you can. Is that clear?”

“But…but what if I do? Master?”

“Then you will have disobeyed me.”

Oh, God. She stared at the heavy rafters above her and tried to imagine not coming when his mouth was on her. Or when he was in her, so big and thick. Just the images alone made her wetter. Try to hold an orgasm back? Her vagina clenched.

He tugged on a nipple clamp, jerking her attention back to him with a rush. “Time to take these off. You ready, sugar?”

Before she could yell no, he’d unfastened the first one. Blood surged back into the nipple. Pain. Ow, ow, ow. She sucked in a breath, her hand starting to—

“Keep your hands on the chains, sub.”

She hissed with the erotic agony, the intense sensation almost pleasure but not quite. Before she’d recovered, he did the other one. Her hands clenched around the chains. He wet his finger, rubbing each peak. Pain and pleasure twined together, the sensations way too intense. She shut her mouth over the moan.

“Very pretty.” He gave her a hard kiss. “And you kept your hands on the chains. Good girl.”

He walked back around to his toy bag and started rummaging in it. She couldn’t see, dammit. Finally he returned, back between her legs. He put lube on something. Oh, that wasn’t good. She craned her neck. He met her gaze and held up a butt plug. Her mouth dropped open.

“Just a little bigger than my two fingers,” he said. “Now that I know how excited you get, I’m looking forward to taking you that way too.”

That way? Like anal sex? Master Nolan was huge. Her back hole contracted as if in protest. “You’re too big,” she whispered.

“That’s why we’re starting off with this size.” He smiled at her, ran his finger down her clit. “Tomorrow you can have a size larger.” Without waiting for her response, he slid the thing right into her.

“Ahhh!” She jerked against the restraint.

His hand pressed down on her mound. “Now did that hurt…or feel good?” His dark eyes studied her.

“It’s okay.” It was sending tingles through her, just from being inside her. She wanted, needed to wiggle, and his hand held her in place.

“Beth,” he warned.

Her lips flattened. She didn’t want stuff stuck up her ass, dammit. But it felt good. Dammit. “Good,” she admitted.

“That’s my honest sub.” His slow smile warmed her as it always did. He walked to the wall and with a rattle and clinking sounds, lowered the sling until it stopped about the level of his hips. She shivered, knowing what would be coming next, only there was something inside her…

But he came back to the middle of the sling, bent, and started kissing her breasts. They were swollen and tight from the ropes, making everything he did more intense. He worked his way up to her nipples, and at the first touch of his lips on the excruciatingly sensitive tips, she squeaked. He ignored her, firming his lips over the nipple, laving the peak with his tongue, the sensations painful, then pleasurable. Even the pain sent erotic jolts straight to her clit. Warmth pooled deep within her. He teased first one breast, then the other, back and forth until she arched up and her hands pulled on the chains.

When he stopped, it took her eyes a minute to focus. By then he was between her legs, sliding his fingers through her folds, rolling her labia between his fingers, spreading her wetness over her clit. With a grin, he squirted lube on her stomach and chuckled as her stomach muscles flinched at the cold sensation. She couldn’t imagine what he needed lube for. The anal thing was already in her, and her pussy was embarrassingly wet.

He unfastened his leathers. Pulling a condom out of his pocket, he sheathed himself. His eyes had turned to molten darkness, and he was hard, very hard as he pressed himself against her, easing in slowly as he watched her face. He kept thrusting, unrelentingly. With that thing inside her, and now him, she felt overfull, stretched beyond comfort. When he stopped, he was deeper than he’d ever been before, and her insides throbbed.

As he pushed the sling outward, she shivered, starting to enjoy the full sensation, and she wasn’t too worked up this time to enjoy it. The sling rocked out and back, moving him inside her until her vagina felt as if it was swelling, becoming more sensitive. The anal plug moved inside as his cock pushed it out of the way, and each thrust jostled the nerves inside her rectum, sending new messages sparking across her pussy.

“Feel good?” he asked, eyes on her, a crease down one cheek.

“Oh, yes.”

He chuckled. “Not good enough if you can still talk.” He gripped the bottom of the sling, just under her right hip and kept the rocking motion going. Watching her face, he took a finger-full of lube and set it right on her clit. She shuddered as the cold sensation shot through her like an electrical storm. And then his fingers, slippery with lube, slid over and around and on top of her clit, dropping her past need into true urgency. Her hips strained upward, her hands clamping on the chains.

Each firm stroke over her clit drove her inexorably closer, and his cock inside her piled sensation on sensation, coiling her tighter and—

“Don’t come, sugar,” he warned in a low voice. “You don’t have permission.” But his fingers didn’t stop moving.

She gritted her teeth, trying to shove her climax back, trembling with the effort, even as he rocked her faster, impaling her on his cock. Harder and harder. He abandoned her clit, grasping the chains with both hands, yanking her onto him, letting her rock away before pulling her back right onto his massive cock, again and again, and each thrust sent her higher. Her whole body shook with the need to come, and she moaned, “Siiiir…” She panted as her world narrowed to each unimaginably intense thrust, as if she could feel every tiny micrometer of him entering.

Then he slowed, holding the sling away from him. His cock teased at the lips of her empty vagina. Her pussy felt as if it were on fire, burning with the need to come. He rocked the sling sideways, his cock sliding horizontally across her folds, not nearly enough to satisfy her. Why was he doing this to her?

“I decided it was time we had a little talk.”

“Are you serious?” Her voice sounded as if someone was strangling her.

“Very.” His look turned obstinate. Ruthless. His cock edged up to slide across her clit, reawakening all the nerves.

She waited for more… Nothing. “Wh-what are we talking about?”

His cock probed her entrance. She wanted to push herself down on him and couldn’t move an inch.

“About our relationship. Tell me how you feel about it.”

He wanted conversation? “Besides wanting to kill you right now?”

His grin was a flash of white in his bronze face. He rocked the sling side-to-side, never entering her. And waited.

Her legs quivered. “Um.” How could she think about this now? Relationship… Just thinking about the word made her feel unhappy. She’d told Kyler she loved him, and he’d used her. She didn’t want to love anyone again. Sir’s dark gaze captured hers, and she wanted to touch him, run her hands over his face. Yes, she cared for him, really, really cared for him. But it wasn’t love. She wouldn’t let it be love.


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