Bound By Blood (Bound #1)

Chapter 12



but he ignored it. He was definitely feeling like a guy right now. Being near her was making his brain short circuit and giving him a raging hard on. It was embarrassing that he couldn’t control himself. He shifted uncomfortably as he jerked open one of his dresser drawers and rummaged around until he found one of his old Marine Corps t-shirts. It was about a decade old and he’d gotten it when he’d first enlisted. Since that first year in he’d put on a lot of muscle so while it would stil be big, it wouldn’t completely swal ow her. Next he grabbed a pair of sweatpants that would definitely be too big but it was al he had.

When he handed the bundle of clothes to her, their fingers brushed and they both froze. An undeniable electric arc of energy sparked between them and made him almost jerk back. Staring into her dark eyes, he fought that familiar drowning sensation he experienced every single fucking time she was near. She made him feel like a randy teenager. Out of control and horny al the time. He could lose himself with her.

His brain struggled to think of something—anything—to say but she beat him to the punch. It vaguely registered that this was exactly why he avoided her. She mumbled

‘thanks’ as she took the clothes but she stil didn’t make a move to leave. Just stared at him as if she wanted him to kiss her. Ten years ago it wouldn’t have surprised him, but it did now. She wasn’t a teenager anymore. She was a beautiful, grown woman and shouldn’t want anything to do with a roughneck like him.

But damn, did he ever want to fol ow through with this kiss.

More than kiss. He wanted to taste her, dominate her, make her forget anyone but him existed… The flare of lust in her eyes was too much.

Reaching out, he cupped her cheek. When he did, she sucked in a shaky breath but didn’t pul away. He wanted to tel her to go but the words wouldn’t form. And her skin was so soft and female. He rubbed the pad of his cal used thumb over her cheek.

Her eyes grew heavy-lidded for a moment. He could practical y feel the heat rol ing off her. Stepping forward slowly, he gave her time to back away as he closed the distance between them. But she didn’t.

She met him halfway. Before he could react her hands slid up his chest and around his neck. He was so screwed. The thought rang in his head crystal clear. Once he kissed Eve he knew there’d be no going back for him.

As he leaned down, her mouth parted invitingly. When their lips touched he felt the reaction straight to his center. Her tongue stroked against his, playful y at first. But he didn’t want playful. Something primal burned inside him. He wanted to invade her senses. Make her feel the way he did every time he got close to her. He started to thread his fingers through her thick hair when she froze. With wide eyes, she pul ed back and out of his embrace. She swal owed hard and shook her head. “I can’t…we can’t…goodnight, Mac.” Before he could think of a response, she turned on her heel and hurried out of his room.

After she’d gone he realized he hadn’t shown her to a guestroom, but he knew she’d figure it out and pick one. If she didn’t, he hoped she’d crawl into bed with him.

He scrubbed a hand over his face at the thought. That was definitely wishful thinking.

The only thing he knew was that she wasn’t going to the sheriff’s by herself tomorrow. The woman could fight him al she wanted but after what she’d told him, he wasn’t letting her out of his sight. Eve had the ability to drive him insane more than anyone. He’d known her practical y his entire life and he’d been half in love with her for most of it. Things would never work out though. Too many complications and baggage.

She was too good for him. Way too good. Part of him was glad she’d realized it before they’d done something stupid tonight. He sure as hel hadn’t had the common sense to pul back. KILLER SECRETS by Katie Reus—Available now.


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