Born to Beguile

Chapter 2


Truman often wondered what went on in the house next door. Things seemed normal enough most of the time. Food trucks came and went, flowers were delivered fairly regularly, and guests seemed to frequent the place, so he assumed it was a shop of some kind or perhaps a bed and breakfast of an upscale persuasion. In stark contrast to the massive estate that he called home, the house next door was cozy, homey and inviting, and yet, a bit mysterious at times. It seemed that sometimes guests stayed a little too long, or were never seen again.

Truman tried not to give it too much thought. He didn’t care for the woman who lived in the house. And she certainly had seen enough of him.

Truman had enough on his plate as it was. His boss is a moron, a real witch. She’s among the hardest to handle of witches on the planet, a movie star witch, one of the most well known, and she is way up there on the Forbes richest list. In other words, she’s loaded.

And she is barely out of her teens.

She’s an actress, a well-known, former child star whose single mother had nurtured, coddled and protected well enough that she made a successful segue into adult films… no, not porn, but spicy, and quite a few were stretching the boundaries of R-rated. Her movies were so far of a fantasy persuasion. She has little education past high school, doesn’t know where lumber comes from, can’t fill a tank on any of the wildly expensive cars she owns, has made a few private porn videos that have not fallen into the wrong hands, thanks to Truman, and she thinks spaghetti grows on trees.

The young woman’s spacious Hollywood Hills home was a sprawling hillside palace with a breathtaking view of the city. The estate had a hot tub that had seen more action than Truman would ever know about, three bedrooms, a master suite, and two kitchens with industrial sized walk-in freezers. It was quite a spread for a girl who was barely a woman.

Kennedy’s very full life and property kept Truman’s life and bank account healthy and full.

And just when Truman thought Kennedy had said every stupid thing in the world, she opened her mouth and started talking about a movie she made in Italy, which led to a discussion about the food there and on to her theory of spaghetti farming. She also claimed that she met a sexy vampire by the name of Dracula and enjoyed a week of hot and heavy vampire sex.

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