Chapter 28


“Good.  I’ll be back in two weeks and the sooner we can take that fucker down, the better.”

“We’re watching your back too, brother.  Have a feeling that Dad wants you out.”

“Appreciate that.  I’ve come to the same conclusion”.

He finished his beer and then stood to leave.  “I’ll be over at about ten tomorrow morning.  I’m making sure you get to that wedding.”

“Wedding’s not till two, brother,” I reminded him.

“I’m not taking any fucking chances.  The last thing I need is Madison pissed because either a, you’re late, or b, you don’t fucking show at all.”

“No need to worry.  There’s no way that woman isn’t ending tomorrow as my wife.”

He grinned.  “True.  You two are gonna live to an old age pissing the shit outta each other.”

Now it was my turn to grin.  “Too fucking right.”

Chapter 11


“Oh my God, you look beautiful!” Serena exclaimed.

I turned to look at my reflection in the mirror.  The dress I’d chosen for today was white with a corset top and a puffy tulle skirt that fell to the floor.  The tie for the top was at the side and I’d incorporated a strip of black fabric there.  I’d used black leather string to tie it and made this long so that it hung down over the tulle skirt.  There were black jewels scattered throughout the top and these were gorgeous when the light caught them.

I turned back to the girls who were all watching me, and asked, “You think J will like it?”

“Fuck yes!” Serena exclaimed, and we all laughed.  “With your boobs popping out of that top like that, he won’t be able to control himself.”

“You look beautiful too,” I said to Serena who was my only bridesmaid for the day.  J had chosen to have Scott as his best man, with no other groomsmen,  so I’d agreed to just one bridesmaid.

She looked down at her black dress; it was an above the knee halter dress with a plunging neckline that showed off her ample cleavage.  She’d paired it with stunning black strappy heels.  Looking back up at me she asked, “So, you think I might get lucky with one of these biker dudes?  Cause I gotta tell you, I need to break the drought.”

“Honey, you’ll have Nash eating out of your hands the minute he lays eyes on you,” Harlow promised.

Serena looked enquiringly at me.  “I don’t think I met Nash at Christmas when I visited, did I?”

“No, he spent Christmas with his family.  Harlow’s right, Nash will be beside himself when he sees you.”

Serena’s eyes sparkled.  “Sounds good, chica.  For the love of God, tell me he’s hot.  And tattooed.  I fucking want tattoos on the next man I bang.”

Brooke laughed out loud.  “You and Nash are so suited it’s not funny.  That totally sounded like something he would say.”

Blake cut in, “Ladies, let’s get back to getting ready for this wedding.  I don’t really want to hear about banging a hot biker dude.”  He turned to me and asked, “Is there anything else you need me to do for you, baby doll?”

I smiled up at him.  “No, you’ve done so much already.”  He really had.  He’d organised the catering for us, and had brought some of his restaurant staff up to Brisbane for the reception.  We were having an outdoor wedding at Mt Glorious after the place on the river I’d wanted fell through at the last minute.  They’d double booked and screwed us around so J had found an alternative venue for us.

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, babe.”  His eyes softened, and he added, “I actually think that J’s going to make you very happy.  Can’t fucking believe I’m saying that, but I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong.”

I grinned.  “Thank you!  I’m just glad you two get along now.  Makes my life much bloody easier.”

The rumble of a bike outside distracted us from our conversation.  I had no idea how we were getting to the wedding because J had taken care of those plans for me, but I figured it would probably be on the back of a bike.  We all headed outside to find two bikes waiting at the curb.  I was surprised to see Nash walking up the path to us.  Griff was with him, and that didn’t surprise me, but I’d never in a million years thought J would send Nash.  They were wearing jeans, t-shirts and their cuts.

Serena’s eyes hit mine; she looked panicked.  “Don’t tell me I have to get on the back of a bloody bike in this dress?”

Nash pulled his shades off and grinned at her.  His eyes swept down her body and then slowly made their way back up to her face.  “Unfortunately not, sweet thing, but I’d be more than happy to put you on the back of my bike after the wedding.”

I looked at Serena to see her giving him the once over too.  She hit him with a flirty smile.  “You must be Nash.”

“My name on your lips is the best fuckin’ thing I’ve heard all week.”

“These girls weren’t lying,” she murmured, not taking her eyes off him.

He cocked his head to the side.  “How’s that, sweet thing?”

“I told them I needed a hot, tattooed biker boy for tonight, and they said you’d probably be up for it.”

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