Besotted (The Billionaire Banker 3)

Chapter 17



‘Please, Blake. Please. Enter me.’

‘Is this mine?’ he asks, and bites my sex.


‘I’m sorry,’ he says pleasantly. ‘I couldn’t make that out.’ He bites me again.

‘Yes,’ I cry out.

‘To do with as I please?’

‘Yes, yes.’

His breath fans the flushed, sensitized skin. With his thumbs, he spreads apart the folds and inserts his tongue. I gasp and writhe. He pulls my thighs farther apart, clamps his mouth on my clit and sucks.

‘Oh God!’

Just as the delicious waves are starting to take hold, he takes his mouth away. Torture, pure torture. He stands. Is there to be no filling, stretching, or ramming? I am raging with need. To have him deep inside me. To be possessed by him. Frustrated and full of longing I look at him. Silently, he is gazing down at my open, greedy pu**y.

‘Stay,’ he says, and leaving my body, gets on the bed in front of me. I gaze at his erection. My mouth is open, my breathing erratic. He is a fine specimen of a man. I have the strong urge to lick the meatus, take him in my mouth, and suck him so hard he groans helplessly.

But he has an even better idea.

‘Come and sit on my cock,’ he commands.

The order rolls over my flesh. I don’t need a second invitation. I crawl to him and impale myself on the hard shaft. The pleasure. Oh! the pleasure.

‘Sit like a frog.’

I reposition myself, opening my knees wide, pulling my feet close to his thighs and laying them flat on the bed. Then I place my palms on his body and straighten my own body. The penetration is too deep. With a small cry I push my palms down and fractionally lift myself off his body, but he shakes his head slowly.

‘Mine to do with as I please.’

Biting my lip I relax my arms and let my body take the whole shaft, gasping at the sudden pain. For a while he makes me endure it, the sensation of being too full, the exquisite pain of having him too deep inside me.

‘Your pu**y feels so f**king good I could stay inside you all night.’

We stare at each other. My eyes must be full of wonder. His blaze with the excitement of dominating me, seeing me in that crouched position, my thighs wide open, his c**k buried so deep inside my body I can barely bear it. I whimper, and he takes pity on me.

‘Lean forward,’ he growls softly.

Immediately I obey, and the pain goes away. All that remains is the pure pleasure of being stretched and filled to the brim. He pushes my br**sts inwards and pulling me towards him sucks hard at my nipple, first one then the other. I start to move against his shaft and we groan in unison. My clit rubs against his pubic bone. Back and forth. Back and forth, as far as his greedily sucking mouth will allow me to retreat to. Rubbing. Rubbing. Delicious friction. Our bodies become wet and slippery. It is beautiful.

He waits for me to come before he allows himself to erupt inside me. I collapse on him and lay my cheek upon his chest. I can hear the fast, dull thudding of his heart, and feel his strong shaft still jerking inside me. I lift my head. His eyes are closed, his face is calm.

‘Are you sleepy?’ I ask.


I use the ends of my hair to tickle his chin. ‘What’s your favorite word?’

He opens his eyes. ‘Egg.’


‘I just like the sound of it.’

‘You’re one strange man.’

He chuckles. ‘What’s yours?’


‘I’d like to change my word.’

‘To what?’


I laugh. ‘That, Mr. Barrington, is the corniest thing you have ever said to me.’

‘No, really. Every time I say it, or hear it on someone else’s lips, it actually gives me a thrill.’

I feel lazy and relaxed on top of him. ‘We know so little about each other, don’t we?’

‘I know everything I need to know about you. Everything else I’ll find out along the way.’

‘What is it you think you know about me?’

‘Well, for starters I know you’re brave.’

I frown. ‘Brave? I’m not brave.’

‘You’re one of the bravest people I know.’

‘How am I brave?’

‘You left me. That’s brave.’

‘If you knew how frightened and confused I was when I left.’

‘That’s the definition of bravery, Lana. Doing something even though you are terrified of the consequences. And I am really proud of the way you handled my brother today, too.’

‘You are?’ I squeak, immeasurably pleased with the compliment.

‘When I was in the toilet I was so nervous about leaving you with him I was gripping the edges of the sink to keep from running back into the restaurant. But I knew I had to let you handle it, and I’m glad now that I did. If you can handle him you can handle all the rest in time.’

‘I hope you’re right.’

‘And if I’m not we’ll work it out together.’


Victoria Montgomery

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…

I could walk through my garden forever,

Alfred Tennyson

This morning he calls me and tells me he is coming to see me. He sounds puzzlingly distant, but still, I sense that he is desperate to see me again. Finally. I never once—well, maybe once or twice—doubted that he would tire of that thieving bitch. I’ve always known—he will come back.

I look at the clock. He’ll be here in less than an hour! Feeling almost dizzy with excitement and triumph, I slip into white underwear. The silk slides deliciously against my fevered skin. Blake loves a woman in white. The slut knew that, too. Her underwear drawers were full of white bits and pieces. My lips tighten of their own accord. I won’t think of her now. Why should I? I’ve won.

I, too, can drive him crazy with need. I, too, can slowly strip and crawl on the floor towards him. I will unzip his trousers and take his thick manhood, throbbing with power and strength, deep into my throat. I will swallow what he gives me. He is my man. I will be Mrs. Blake Law Barrington. I will walk into restaurants and parties and people will see that I am the power behind the throne.

I look at myself in the long mirror and don’t just feel reassured and satisfied, but highly pleased with the image that looks back. If there is a woman more desirable than me then I am yet to meet her. I am a class act all the way. That woman—I cannot even bear to say her name—is cheap. Even the best designer clothes cannot hide that fact. It lurks in her eyes, her big lips, her silly butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth expression.


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