A Vampire's Touch

Chapter 3


I ran my hands up his strong back, feeling every ridge of muscle through his white dress shirt. When I felt the soft tickle of his braid my curiosity took control. What would his silky black hair feel like spilling over my fingers? I moaned. He growled, dipping his lips to mine and kissing me softly.

"Do it," he commanded his gaze boring into mine.

Hands trembling, I pulled the leather tie, letting it fall to the hardwood floor. His eyes were on me, intent and waiting. He wanted me to unravel him and I was more than ready. The wine had softened my resolve and gave me the nerve to express my desire. Moving my hands, I started with his face. Fingertips traced his high cheekbones and dove into the thick strands coming apart from the loose braid. It was soft, falling just below his wide shoulders. I lifted a portion, bringing it to my nose.

His scent was beyond intoxicating and my actions brought on a shudder starting up my legs and ending at his arms. They tightened around me, crushing me against him. His mouth devoured me, taking me entirely. There was no breath only a fusion of lips that left no room for anything else. I was consumed in a way which left me soulless. My essence was one with his.

He bit my lower lip and I sucked in a precious breath. It didn't last. His possession continued, his tongue entered and mastered my mouth, taking everything. My arms wrapped around his shoulders, squeezing his hardness.

Speaking of hardness, his was pressed up against me, burning through my leather skirt right at my hip. I could feel his length and was taken aback for a moment. He was huge and I didn't mean because he was well over six feet tall.

Holy shit. Could I even handle this? It was too much. The intensity was mind boggling. He must have felt it too because he pulled back abruptly, putting some space between us. I took in big gulps of air as if I had surfaced from a long dive. He stumbled back and wiped at his mouth. What the hell?

Just as the dark cloud of his dismissal settled over me, my cellular went off with Black Eyed Peas, My Humps. I was seriously going to kill Tarah for messing with my phone. Turning quickly away, I answered.

"Hey there. I see you're still alive and kicking?" Tarah asked.

I blew out a frustrated breath. "Yes I am. Have I told you lately how much I love you? Because, seriously, you are walking that line."

She was silent for a moment, not sure whether I was joking or really pissed.

"Er…are you okay? You sound kind of frustrated. I would like to think you should be as relaxed as a woman could be right about now."

I kept quiet but she was going to freak if I didn't reassure her at some point. "I am good, mommy. Can I go play now?" I knew I was being a catty bitch but my ego was slightly bruised.

Giggling, Tarah wished me a pleasant night and I clicked the end button. When I turned around, I was alone. I knew exactly what getting punched in the gut felt like at that moment. Feeling ridiculous, I looked around for my drink. Not too far away from where I had stood in a maddened embrace with Jax. This was too awkward. One minute we were hot and heavy and the next, I am….

"Forgive me."

That voice both thrilled and angered me. I wanted to slam the flute down and ask to be driven home; not by him. Then again, part of me felt like a petulant child. Maybe there was a good reason for his sudden disinterest. Refusing to gush with the anticipated "It's okay" I stayed silent and waited for his explanation. I crossed my arms over my chest, giving the moment some added punch. It worked because he actually fidgeted. Mr. Cool was uncomfortable. He took a step toward me, smoothing those tempting tresses back with his hand. His eyes came back to me. He was torn. The crack of thunder followed by a jagged beam of lightening should have scared the shit out of me, but strangely, made me feel vindicated instead. Its energy ran through my body and pushed me to act.

"Can I use your bathroom?" I barely spoke above a whisper. He pointed down the hall and I could see it through the open door. I rushed away almost running past him. Closing myself in, I dug out my phone and called Tarah. Thankfully, I had made sure to see the name of the street we had turned onto. Giving her a brief description of the house would be good enough. I knew it would take her all of five minute to get here. She was close by.

What would I do while I waited? I couldn't go out and face him now. How messed up was this? Here I was thinking I might just have one of those incredible nights. Was I deluded to think we actually had a connection back at the club? He seemed to be into me just as much as I was into him. So why did he pull away? I didn't consider myself the most experienced kisser but I was pretty damn proud of my performance with him. I had really let go and that hadn't happened in a long time for me.

Looking in the mirror, I poked at my cheek then turned my face; studying my profile. What the hell was wrong with me? It wasn't like I was this atrocious Medusa. I considered myself average in the looks department. Damn it, I looked hot tonight!

The ding of my cellular took me out of my wallowing. Tarah was pulling up and I needed to get my ass out there fast. She was liable to bang the door down and give Jax a piece of her mind. Grabbing my coat, I made my way to the front door. He was sitting on the couch waiting.


I held up my hand. "You don't have to explain. I think I better go." He got up and walked toward me as I turned to open the doors. His chest pressed against my back. I could feel his nose in my hair, inhaling my scent deep into his lungs.

Shit. I needed out of here right now before I fell into his arms like a desperate ninny. I couldn't take his rejection again. Something had happened and I didn't know what or why.

He grasped my shoulder making my blood heat. Closing my eyes, I prayed for strength then, as if sensing my struggle, his hand fell away freeing me before I took it upon myself to move. I twisted the knob and walked out into a flurry of snow.

"What the fuck did that bastard do to you?" Tarah growled.

She was pissed and wasn't going to stop until I said something. I looked down at my hands and rubbed the finger prints off my iPhone.

"He didn't do anything. It just didn't pan out between us." I was so full of shit.

"Bullshit. Now spill."

I glanced at her as she maneuvered the Beamer down the mountain side. So I turned in my seat and faced her.

"Fine. Here goes. We were getting hot and heavy and Jax pulled away then you called, we talked and when I hung up he was gone."

"What? What do you mean gone? Like he just left you there?"

"Yep. And when he pulled away he didn't look very interested; more like disgusted." I would never talk about this with anyone else. It was simply degrading and embarrassing.

"Get out." Tarah was incredulous.

I nodded, adjusted my curvy ass on the seat and stared out the window. What else could I say? Being rejected sucked.

"His loss honey."

My sad gaze swung back to my best friend. Tarah was the sister I never had and always had my back. She glanced at me and smiled. I smiled back to lift her spirits. I could tell she felt guilty. This had been all her idea after all.

"You want me to drive back and kick his ass?"

I busted out laughing. "You would shit if I said yes."

"Probably, but I would do it."

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