A Pryce Worth Paying

Chapter 33


A Pryce Worth Paying – 24

“Yes I was – a bouncer… then I met this one girl – well, we were both young then so she was a girl. She used to come to the club regularly with this guy until they ended it. We got close just hanging at the club and after a few times that we hung out, we had a few too many – drinks that is and then we had a daughter.”

The silence lasted for less than half a minute. Aliziana processed what he had told her and it wasn’t an unusual story- she was just slightly thrown off when he said ‘we’ – referring to him and the mother of his daughter. What did she expect – that he’d be attractive, single and child free at his age. So what if he was married, she decided – he was a young attractive man that was just her security escort, nothing else. She had plenty on her platter trying to get Thomas off her back.

“Well, you've been busy…so you have a wife and daughter here or in England?” She asked him, still disbelievingly.

“Yes in England. I have a daughter, Elsie. She’s amazing,” he told her with a proud smile, “but no wife – we were too young to marry. We parted ways.” His smile made her melt again and she scolded herself. She couldn’t look at him in the same way any longer when he smiled – it made him look agreeable, approachable, friendly and so handsome. His eyes lit up, his cheeks became full, his dusky lips widened and he looked like a completely different person. Without a wife..

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