A fantasy

Chapter 9



Lizzy had been successful in avoiding Raphael for a week since their dinner date because she and Emily have been reading and preparing for waec (West African Examination Council) and chose to stay indoor . But her phone had no rest from his calls and messages which she neither picked nor replied. Lizzy rushed down to the school library to borrow some books and since the exam starts tomorrow, the library was crowdy by most of her classmates. She was about to leave the library after getting the books she came for when her eyes sighted someone that just came in. Raphael would always curse himself anytime he remember how he messed up his chance with Lizzy on their dinner date. He could have sworn he already had her that night. He was so sure he would win the bet he had with his friends that night. His friends Paul and Gabriel, that called his attention to Lizzy saying she's a saint, the only girl they haven't been able to touch or get laid by, and also play hard to get. Then he had argued with them that all girls are the same, then he had placed a bet of five dollars to get under her skirt within two weeks but Paul and Gabriel had extended the time to the last day of the Exam. It was just my luck that I had to meet at the rooftop that day when I did, and I knew I was close to winning my bet when her beautiful friend agree to hook Lizzy and I up on the dinner date. Damn if only I could say no to waitress in mini skirts, I wouldn't be back at beginning, if only I knew I would end up liking her for real, I wouldn't have taken up the bet at all. Now if I dropped out my ego and reputation is at stake and if I go on she might hate which I don't want. She isn't picking any of my calls or reply my apology messages, I have been to her friend's house countless times for a week now but neither Lizzy nor her friend was there. Now as I enter the library I hope I find her there since the exam is starting tomorrow, the library is crowdy I was about going into their midst when I stopped to greet the library keeper then I sighted Lizzy going out of the library in a hurry. Lizzy knew Raphael saw her and would come after her so she started running with her books in her hands and looking back to make sure he isn't behind her. She was almost out of the school when she ran into someone, her books falling out of her hands she and the bend down to pick the books that fell when she looked at his smiling face to apologize it was the most handsome face she had ever seen and when looked he looked back his blue eyes made her head blank and his smile not really a smile just one corner of his mouth up but I'm taking it for a smile because it's breathtaking. I could have sworn the time stopped, it feels as if nothing else matters, he looks a little familiar but I don't think I know him, Everything about him sings I'm a real man,he snapped out it before me and waved his fingers in front of me before I came back to my senses and realize I have starring at a man openly without any shame then I apologized for running into him, he returned my books and I ran out of the gate without looking back.


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