A fantasy

Chapter 8



When Lizzy got home,Emily was already fast asleep. Looking at her sleeping body,she is beautiful even while asleep, No wonder guys go head over hills for her. She isn't the type you would have thought I would chose for a friend talk less of being a best friend, because she's one those rich spoilt girls in school that do clubs, rock parties and go out on dates with the big boys in school. I still remember how we became friends,on a Tuesday morning, when her friends were busy doing their daily job(disturbing the class and telling each other the gist of what happened at the club the night before), she came to me with her maths note and asked me to please help solve a question under matrix which finds hard to solve. I was so surprised that I couldn't stop myself from speaking out my thought, "so the tush Emily also knows how to solve maths" hearing what I said she started grinning, when she was able to stop she said "maths is one of subjects I love and the fact that I enjoy myself doesn't mean I have nothing in my head" I felt so stupid for speaking out my thoughts but I didn't regret it's one of reasons that made us best friends today. Looking at her now I realise how much we love and care for each other, the anger she felt before already gone. Shaking her head,she dropped her bag and went to the kitchen in search of cornflakes and milk because she has no appetite for food again. While she was busy making her cereals, Emily walked in yawning and rubbing her sleepy eyes with her hands "did I wake you up?" "Yea, I thought I heard some noise in the kitchen so I came to check" "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up" "It's alright, so how was your date?" "You don't want to know" "That bad?" "It's the worst date ever, I didn't even get to eat and now I have lost my appetite for food,he left me to help the cute waitress out" "What? I am definitely going to kill him for treating you that way" "I was planning on doing the same to him myself,but now I think avoiding him is the best if I don't want to be one of does pathetic girls that got their heart broken by him" Smiling"If it's any consolation you are nothing like them" "Thanks dear, it is" Lizzy's phone started ringing showing Raphael's name on the screen. "Okay I know you won't pick the call but can I pick it and give him a piece of my mind or tell him what I think of him" Smiling "no dear it's just a waste of time on him" Lizzy replied keeping her empty cereal bowl on the cabinet after washing it. When the phone stopped ringing, it shows fifteen missed calls and five new messages. "Are those from him?" "I think so" Lizzy replied yawning "now please let's go to bed I'm feeling sleepy" she said switching off her phone. "I'm sorry for making you starve and what you had to go through at the restaurant if it wasn't for me those things wouldn't have happened and you would have eaten" Emily said,wishing she hadn't forced her to go on the dinner date. Laughing Lizzy said "I followed him myself, you didn't take me there,so please let's go to bed or I might pass out here in the kitchen" they both laugh and went out of the kitchen.


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