A fantasy

Chapter 7



"Wow! this restaurant is wonderful, it's my first time seeing a restaurant as big as this place"Lizzy said to Raphael as they both took a sit across each other at their reserved table(a regular one usually being reserved for Raphael). " Really? Then permit me to say your former dates are quack if none of them have ever brought you here before, and me, I know I'm the best, it's one of the qualities beautiful ladies like you loves in me"he said "Seriously I would have kept that to myself if I had known it would do nothing but add to your swollen ego, finally a waitress is coming to take our orders" Lizzy said when she saw a waitress coming towards the them. "Are you that hungry?" "Of course it's almost past dinner…." "OMG! Raphael, is that really you? I thought my eyes were deceiving me" the waitress said looking so happy as if she'd just won a lottery,her two eyes on Raphael pretending Lizzy isn't there. "Oh my cute angel,those lovely eyes of yours are perfectly okay,of course it's me Raphael but can you keep a secret?" He said to her, obviously flirting with her. The waitress, already blushing"yes? anything for you Raphael " Raphael now standing went closer to her and whisper something that made her face more red. Lizzy was about to say something when the waitress left smiling. Using her hands to make a surrendering gesture, she said "uh she didn't even take my order" Smiling he said "she will be back soon" "Tell me, is there really a place the ladies there don't know you?"she asked,getting irritated "Hmmmm I'm not sure there is" he answered smiling "Funny" she said"for the records, you re the worst dinner partner ever" The waitress came back in a hurry and asked "please can you help me with something over there?" She said pointing at the the room she came out from. "Anything For you angel" giving Lizzy an apologetic look he said "I'll be back soon" he left without waiting for a reply from her. Now angry, she stood up, took her bag and left there in anger thinking Emily would definitely get her share from her today.


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