A fantasy

Chapter 6



"What are you doing here? How did you locate this place? How Did you know where I am or Emily's house?"she asked, looking surprised.

"He called earlier this morning to ask me for your home address, so I told him you're with me and gave him my home address"Emily answered, already standing behind her and also trying her best not to laugh.

"Oh so you mean you know nothing about this surprise?"Lizzy asked, now getting a hint of what's happening. Now smiling, Emily answered "okay, I think know a thing or two about it"

Pretending to be angry, she said "Emily ho….."

"If you would at least leave the entrance so I can invite myself in and tell you girls how difficult it was to locate this place, of course that will be after I've had a good rest In this wonderful home of yours, I would be very grateful" Raphael, who was still standing at the doorway with his flower in his hands interrupted her. They both look at him "i'm so sorry, I Wasn't expecting you, that's why"Lizzy said, moving aside for him to come in.

"I know. That's why it's a surprise"he said coming inside and looking stressed out from the heat outside.


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