A fantasy

Chapter 11



Elizabeth is having mood swing, she doesn't even know the name to call what she has been feeling. It's been a week since she met Richard Sebastian and he collected her mobile number promising he would call. But he didn't call , No he has not called yet, or he has even forgotten he met her talk less of taking her digit. As in a week, a whole damn week!!, she had to deal with sleepless night She couldn't even concentrate on her exams, if not for Emily (God bless her) this exam would have been a mess for me. She check her phone every five minutes for a missed call from a new number. Now she is always down and gets angry easily at anything or anyone, pretending to be in a place her mind isn't. She jumps at every phone call. She has seen the confusion on Emily's face countless times but she hasn't said anything , her way of understanding Lizzy guess. Today been the day of the exam , Lizzy couldn't shake away the feeling that she lost him even before getting him. She didn't even come across him in the school premises, it feels as if he just vanished. As her friends celebrate the final exam they were about to start, Lizzy was mourning the loss someone she never had. Lizzy was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't know it until she collided with a classmate of hers at the entrance of the examination hall, that was when she realise she has been walking in circles at the corridor. She apologized to the person she collided with and was about to enter the hall when she heard a very familiar voice……. "I see you have a habit of running into someone when you are not staring or what was it you called it" Richie pretended to think and said "oh I remember it's LOOKING" Lizzy couldn't believe her eyes, it's definitely one of her imaginations, the one person that has been giving her sleepless nights, giving her does smiles that make her go crazy in her dreams. The person doing so many kind of things to her in her dreams is standing right in front of her. She felt like kissing that lips right now and shocking him but she didn't. "Well Boy!! You have a habit of shocking someone" Lizzy replied. "Hey kiddo, you don't call someone older than you BOY" Richie said Cocking one corner of her mouth slightly up she said "Huh, what are you, fifty ? even my father rarely call me that at this age" "I'm not fifty yet but we both know I am definitely older than you" Richie said trying not to smile and realising how much he missed her smartass mouth. "Don't be so sure about that, the fact that you are taller than me doesn't mean you are older than me. How old are you?" Lizzy asked "I am twenty I four years old. How old are you?" He asked Lizzy knew she shouldn't have asked the question that moment, that's like seven years older than her but she wouldn't give up like that . "I don't believe you, do you have any means of identification on you?" Richie been shocked and angry brought out his I.D card and showed her to confirm, How dare she say he's lying? He doesn't Lie. Who does she think she is ? He doesn't even understand why he's here doing every bid and answering every question she asked instead of shutting up and getting out here. Lizzy knowing when she lost said "okay, so I think I have to go now, the exam is about to start" she said turning around to enter the hall when she heard him say " wait, you haven't answered my own question, How old are you?" "Don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age?" She said without turning back "That's cheating and not fair" he said She looked back and say " I didn't force you to say your age, you did that willingly, and everything us fair in love and war". She laughed when she realise he's trying to hide his smile before she walked away . "We are not true yet, you've only won the battle and not the war, let's meet after your exam at the same place we met the first time so we can celebrate your final exam!" Richie shouted " I will be waiting " Lizzy heard him but didn't reply, she smiled and felt like the happiest person in the world.


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