A fantasy

Chapter 10



"I can't stop thinking about how hot this guy is, hmm and his eyes they are …" "Yea they are sky blue the type that makes you feel safe and his body, they are the best a guy could have also everything about him sings 'I'm a real guy" Emily said trying not to laugh "Wow how did you the exact words I was going to say?"Lizzy asked looking surprised "Maybe because this is the seventh times you are telling me those words ever since you walked through that door an hour ago" Emily answered now smiling "Oh sorry I didn't noticed and I wasn't counting" she said also smiling "Yes I was counting and now I feel as if I already know the guy without meeting him and for you to be giving a guy this much credit , it means this guy is really hot hmm now I want to meet the guy" Emily said laughing "I'm not a saint" "Oh dear I know you are not but i haven't heard you talk about a guy this way before talk less of admitting the guy is hot hmmm something smells fishy" Now blushing "Em. I think we should revise for tomorrow's exam" she said opening her book "Huh huh you are trying to avoid it but I will find out whatever it is" she said also picking her book up from the table to revise ************* On the first day of exam, Lizzy was nervous at first because it's her first time writing an exam in a hall this big and the invigilators were scary. When the question paper was given to me, I was so happy because the questions was exactly what Emily and I revised yesterday so it was easy. Now that I'm through with my first exam, i had to wait for Emily at the cafe where we planned to meet. As I sat at a table in a corner inside the cafe sipping the drink I ordered then I closed my eyes and try to rest my brain then I felt it. I felt someone is looking at me when I opened my eyes, I was looking at the blue eyes i dreamt about last night and I was still fantasising about seconds ago. At first I thought it was my imagination until he said "of course I know I'm handsome but you should know it's rude to stare openly you should do it secretly, you did the same yesterday, Aren't you ashamed?" Looking away "I wasn't staring"he was sitting right in front of me. "Okay you were looking but it's still…." "I wasn't looking" "Then you have another name for what you were doing?" "Okay I was staring but it was just for seconds, I was staring because the sit was empty before I closed my eyes and when I opened it you were there so I was surprised" "Surprised" he said looking as if he's thinking about what I just said "and yesterday?" "I was also surprised" "Okay noted. You always stare whenever you're surprised" he said smiling "don't feel guilty I was only pulling your legs" Breathing out and now smiling she said "it's not funny" "You should at least pretend to laugh not to make me look bad" "I'm smiling" "Yea I can see and it's beautiful" Blushing she said"Thank you" "I'm Richard Sebastian what's your name?" "I'm Elizabeth Hansel but you can call me Lizzy" "I prefer Elizabeth, so Elizabeth how was your exam?" The way he called my full name with his accent makes an imaginary butterfly dance in my stomach"it was fine, are you also here to write an exam?" "Me? No I'm done with school, I graduated last year" "Oh college?" "Yea" "So why are you here?" "I'm here for a business deal" "Business deal?" "Yea, my company bought your school" Shocked " what? You mean this school has been sold?" "Yes and I don't know why I'm telling you this it's suppose to be a secret deal" "Everyone will eventually know when the school authority changes" "No it won't change, the former owner will remain there but he now works under us" he said "so wat did you want to study when you gain admission into college?" "I haven't decide yet, but I'm thinking of studying business administration" "I studied the same course and it's an interesting course but you have to decide that yourself" "When next I come around, I would love it if you can show me around" "Alright let me give you my digit so you can text me" After exchanging number, she saw Emily coming over to where they are and said "Time to go home , it was nice chatting with you Mr Sebastian" "Same here Miss Hansel but you should call me Richard" "Then I insist you call me Elizabeth" "Okay Elizabeth see you later" "You too Richard, bye" Then she went to meet Emily half way to the table


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