Wild Crush

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Our classroom buzzes with excitement. Everyone is wondering what Vic is going to say. He's never been one to talk much, preferring to use his fists instead of his words.
"I, um, had a hard time when Trey Matthews died on the field after I tackled him," Vic says, his voice soft with unmasked sincerity. "He was my best friend. I felt guilty and wanted to change places with him. You see, I was told from a young age that I was worthless. I was put down and was called stupid so many times I started to believe it. Trey Matthews deserved to live. I didn't." His voice starts to quiver. "I continue to let people down, but last night an amazing girl made me realize that I'm not worthless and can right the wrongs I've made. I just want to tell her that I'm sorry I hurt her, and I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to her. I love her so damn much. She challenges me to be a better person and breaks down my walls. I'm sorry I let down my teammates. I'll work hard to help you guys win state. And Mr. Miller, I sure hope I get an A on that assignment you gave us telling us to do something out of the norm to shock people. I hope I did you proud."
I press my hands to my wildly beating heart and run out of the classroom to find Vic. He's in Principal Finnigan's office. Principal Finnigan is standing next to him with a warm smile on her face.
"Good job, Mr. Salazar," she tells him when he turns off the mic.
"Vic," I say as tears start forming in my eyes. Oh, God, I love this boy so much. He's rough on the outside but so vulnerable on the inside. "You said you loved me."
"Yep. I've loved you since we were freshman. Trey and I both wanted to ask you out."
"But you let him do it," I whisper.
"He was the better guy."
I can't believe fate put us together now, after all this time. "You're smart and funny and sexy as hell, Vic . You weren't just my boyfriend's best friend. You were my best friend too. Trey didn't push me to be a better person. You did. And I love you for that. What Trey and I had was a high school thing. What you and I share can be a forever thing."
"Forever?" he asks, nodding. "I like it."
I get on my tiptoes and kiss him, not caring if people judge us or talk about us behind our backs. His warm lips meet mine, and my body melts into his embrace.
Principal Finnigan clears her throat. "No PDA in school, you two. School policy."
Vic smiles. "Give me a detention," he tells her.
I lean my head to the side and say to our principal. "Give me a detention too."
Vic pulls me into his arms gently while supporting my back with his strong arms. "How do you feel?" he asks.
"I don't have any pain right now."
"Good. But if you do, share with me. We're in this together now, you know. No more secrets or holding back."
"Okay," I say, then lean into his chest. "I just have one last secret to tell you."
"What's that?"
"I accidentally put transmission fluid in your truck where the windshield wiper fluid is supposed to go."
"Oh, yeah?"
He smiles. "I'll have to show you how to fix that. But I can't show you how to do it today."
"Why not?" I ask.
"Because you and I have a date in detention for this…," he says, then picks me up and kisses me. I feel more alive and happy than I've felt in forever. I'm going to spend the rest of my life showing him how special and valuable he is. He's my hero, the boy who rescued me from myself.
I lean back and cup his beautiful, chiseled jaw with my palm. "I learned something from you, Vic. Sometimes getting in trouble is worth it."
"That's my girl," he says with a huge grin.


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