The Wild Side

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But I was so hard that my teeth ached with it.
I went into the closet, grabbing a handful of condoms that I had to check hadn't expired.
I moved back to the bed to sit at her hip, reaching to feel between her legs. I played with her until she was dripping wet, and still she slept on.
I sighed, cursing Tammy once again.
Gently, I rolled Iris onto her back. I couldn't help it.
I was going to give into my douche bag half.
I wasn't that creative in bed. My hit list was about as long as my list of lovers, so I just started eating her out again, both hands reaching up to rub on her br**sts. I squeezed them hard. The flesh just felt too good. I squeezed until I heard her moan, and then stopped because I wasn't sure if it'd been a moan of pleasure or pain.
I moved up her body, pushing her br**sts together while I licked and sucked at each one, my c**k grinding hard into her inner thigh. I didn't want to her be asleep the first time I got inside of her, but I was quickly running out of every bit of my self-control.
When I felt her hands, finally, bury in my hair, I moved back down, tonguing her clit, and jamming two fingers in hard. I worked her for less than a minute before she was falling apart.
She clutched me as she cried out her release. It was ridiculous how easy it was to make her come. It felt like cheating. I barely had to work for it.
I pulled back to stare at her.
"You okay?" I asked her.
She was so quiet, just watching me, looking sort of dazed.
She nodded and smiled, spreading her thighs wider. The shades in the room were open wide, and sunlight was playing liberally over her body. Even in that less than forgiving light, she was just perfect, every inch of her.
"Are you okay to…you know…? You awake enough to know what's going on?"
She tried to sit up, and I had to move off her so she could.
I was suddenly terrified that she wasn't going to let me f**k her.
"One second," she said softly. "I'll be right back."
She went into the bathroom.
I sat up, moving to the edge of the bed. I hoped she wasn't leaving. It was afternoon, and I knew she had to be somewhere that night. I badly needed her to stay for at least a few more hours, or hell, five more minutes, if I couldn't be picky.
My mind was racing, wondering when we'd get back to letting me f**k her.
She came back out, still naked, and smiling.
She moved to me, straddling my thigh. She gripped my hair. "I want to ride you," she whispered. "Lie back."
I lay back, trembling, as she made good on her promise, moving astride me. Without discussion or delay, she grabbed one of the condoms, ripping it open and rolling it onto me, her touch firm and sure .
She mounted me, no teasing, no hesitation, just impaled herself and started moving, up and down, her tits bouncing vigorously.
I had been worried she was just messing with me, that this was some torturous situation where she was only here to tease me.
It wasn't that. This was the real f**king deal. And it was a-fucking-mazing.
I didn't last thirty seconds.
It felt like heaven in her cunt, and I was just too worked up to be of much use to her.
I closed my eyes, acutely embarrassed, when she stopped riding me abruptly.
"I'm sorry," I gasped. "It's been too long, and I wanted that too much.
She shifted restlessly on top of me. "Don't be sorry. That was amazing. Yeah, it could have lasted longer, but it felt so good, I don't even care. There's always next time."
She moved to get off me.
I held her hips. I was only semi-hard now, but I started moving my hips, bouncing just to feel her.
"I should have titty f**ked you first, then I'd have lasted longer in your cunt."
"I liked it. Don't be sorry. It was all just great. We don't have to do everything all at once. We can take our time, Dair."
"I'm just worried I won't see you again. And after that performance…"
She smiled and stroked my cheek. "You silly man. I'm not going anywhere, and the performance was just delicious, so stop being so hard on yourself. I love your body; love everything we've done. You ate me out until I lost count on how many times I came, for Christ's sake. Quit acting like you've been selfish."
Incredibly, I was getting hard again. I started flexing my hips. Oh yeah, it was back.
Fuck yeah.
I switched to a new condom like I was being timed for speed, and moved back to her, kissing her, stroking her.
As soon as I was confident that I had a real working hard-on on my hands, I flipped her onto her back and started f**king her rough.
"God, you feel incredible," I told her, kissing her, sucking on her tongue, while I grabbed her ass in both hands and drilled into her.
"You're amazing," she told me dreamily, her eyes glazed over.
I worked her pu**y hard that time, making sure she got her pleasure, loving every second I got in paradise, f**king her hard and fast, then switching it up, going slow and even, watching her lovely face all the while.
I took my time, working her with measured thrusts, but even so, my own orgasm surprised me, sneaking up, and bursting over me, the most powerful one I could remember.

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