Ride Steady



Fuck, he was done.

His control snapped. He pulled her off his cock and planted her on her knees beside him in the seat, facing the back of the couch.

"No! Joker, don't stop."

He didn't. He rolled to his knees behind her. His hand wrapped around his dick, he slid the tip through her wet, found her, and drove up.

She held on to the back of the couch and angled her ass higher.

His hot little piece.


"There you go, Butterfly," he grunted, taking her, all of her, his hands moving on her, tweaking her tits, pulling on her nipples, rolling them, moving over her belly, down, one went in and he circled her clit.

"Don't stop," she pleaded, moving with him, hair bouncing and brushing his face as he kept his chin to her neck and watched her tits bounce too as he pounded her.


"Won't stop," he groaned.

"Don't stop, baby, please," she whimpered, taking a hand from the couch, twisting her arm and cupping the back of his head with it, holding strong.

He touched his tongue to her neck before he whispered, "Won't stop, Carrie. Give you what you need. Take it, Butterfly."

She took it, taking his fucking as she rode his dick through it, giving it to herself.

She twisted her head and he had her eyes, knowing she was nearly there with one look.

"Sweetie," she breathed.

He took her mouth.

When he thrust his tongue inside and tasted her, her frame went still as she came, her fingers fisting in his hair, her moan driving down his throat, her body moving only because he didn't stop fucking her because he couldn't.

And he didn't. He kissed her. He fucked her. He pulled at her tit and rolled her clit until her whimpers again filled his mouth, became cries and she lost it again, jolting in his arms violently as she broke the kiss, latched hard on his lower lip with her teeth before she let it go and moaned, "Carson."

That was when he drove deep and let go, and Christ, it was so goddamned magnificent, he sank his teeth into her shoulder and instead of groaning, he sucked in and did it hard before he sank his teeth in harder.

"Yes," she whispered, and through his orgasm he vaguely sensed she was still coming as she took his mark and her body shuddered in his hold.

He held her until it left them both and he kept hold of her after it was gone.

Then he slid out, pulling her off the couch with him so they were both on their feet. He held her steady even as he turned her to face him and hitched up his jeans with one hand as he took her into his other arm.

He bent his head to kiss her parted lips, his eyes open and staring into her hazy ones. Seeing that haze, his lips were smiling when they brushed hers.

"Stay here, be back," he muttered, waited for her dreamy nod and he smiled again when he let her go and quickly walked around the couch.

He bent to nab his shirt, lifted up, and it sucked when he saw her standing there, still fuzzy, her face soft and unfocused from her double orgasm, her beautiful body on show, and he was all the way around the back of the couch and had to do what he had to do.

But it was what she needed so he called, "Butterfly ."

She focused on him and he tossed her his shirt.

Just like Carrie, she bobbled it and it dropped to the couch but she caught it up and looked to him.

"Thanks, sweetie."

He grinned then when she started to bunch up his tee to put it on, he went to the bathroom to take care of business.

He came back out and didn't delay in claiming her and getting her where he wanted her for what he decided between fucking and bathroom needed to happen next.

Which meant he got her in his tee on her back on the couch with him on top. Then he reached out to the remote and switched off the TV.

After that, he planted his forearms in the cushions and framed her head in his hands.

"First up, you on the Pill?" he began.

She blinked then shook her head. "No."


"Well, uh... I didn't need it."

"Got dick in your bed that likes your pussy so that's past tense," he pointed out the very obvious then suggested what was really a demand, "Let's get on that."

"It's a co-pay," she said quietly.

"Say again?" he asked.

"I have insurance. Aaron insures Travis so it's not that bad but I picked the plan that costs me the least and any prescription has a pretty hefty co-pay so-"

"Carrie, I'd offer to pay but that would mess with you so just sayin', no attorney's fees means you can probably take on a co-pay. Then your man can get tested. I come up clean then I can take you with nothin' in between."

Her eyes grew wide and she whispered, "Oh."

She wanted that.

"So let's get on that, yeah?" he demanded on a request.

She nodded.

"Right, how about you do that without delay," he said.

Her mouth quirked and she nodded again.

That was done.


"Okay, second," he started. "I hesitate to bring him up after the hot, sweet piece of ass you just offered up to me, how much I liked it, and that ass being bare right now and all you're wearin' is my tee, and I like that too, but did your ex ever take you there?"

"Take me..." she hesitated, her head tilting on the cushion, "where?"

"There, Carrie, there," Joker replied. "He go the distance? Make you come?"

He watched her expression go guarded even as pink slid into her cheeks, but pure Carissa, she still gave it to him.

"Sometimes, after, he'd give me the time."

Fucking shit.

"Not during?"

"I didn't... I wasn't..." she swallowed. "You're better."

"No shit," he returned. "But not once?"

She slid her hand up his back to between his shoulder blades. "What I mean is, you're better with me. You, well... bring it out in me."

He shook his head. "No, Carissa, you got it and you let it loose and give it to me. You had it with him. He just didn't take care of that. Some guys are selfish and they're all about their dicks. Trust me, you are a seriously hot fuck. It takes almost no effort at all to read that and roll with it. The fact that motherfucker didn't even try to make that effort pisses me off."

She looked confused.

Adorably confused.

But he was pissed at her fucking ex, so seeing it, he found there was one time when her being adorable didn't cut through his anger.


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